Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet "The Total Transformation" Shill and Her Son

Ehh, it's an icy, mid-Autumn day in Oklahoma, where we're wishing for some Global warmth.  
An overnight, heavy ice storm has us all three at home today.
That's great, cause there's a ton of chores for the wife and the boy to do 'round here....

Then, there's Janet Lehman, psychologist shill for the "Total Transformation" line of DVDs 
and audio tapes, which I think tell people how to abuse children
when they begin acting like teenagers.

And as we all know, we can't have teenagers acting like teenagers.  
Heaven forbid~!

Like most Liberals, Ms. Lehman wants her son Jeremy to act 
like an adult from age 10 years on.  Earlier maybe.
She probably regrets not aborting him in the first place,
but I don't know....

As if her son, Jeremy Wade, >> right, was any different 
He told her that he hated her.  

So she made him into the subject of a national commercial for her "Total Transformation" BS,
and in so doing, humiliating Jeremy into loving her.  She implies that Jeremy is some kind of monster, ungrateful, unappreciative of her intellectual, clinical,
 by-the-book upbringing.  

Dammit Janet, he's a boy, not a lab rat.
Certainly not a subject for national ridicule through your commercials.
"It hurts when you say "I hate you", son, and I'm going to stop that nonsense, 
no matter what I have to do....
"I'm your mother...."

Maybe, just maybe, son Jeremy had a good 
reason to say that to you?


The Total Transformation was created in 2004, and from the site "Waffles At Noon", this scathing review of the "Total Transformation" package:

Total Transformation was developed by husband and wife team James and Janet Lehman, who both carry advanced degrees in social work. Mr. Lehman passed away in 2010, leaving Janet to carry on as the sole spokesperson. (The website doesn’t appear to mention Mr. Lehman’s passing). The program is designed to help unruly children, with the word “defiant” used 8 times on the home page alone. website was created back in 2004.

What is the program?
The program teaches “tough love” parenting techniques. The opinion of this writer is that such techniques are sorely missed in today’s society, and for that reason, we whole-heatedly agree with a large portion of the program itself. The program requires consistency from the parents, which more lenient parents may find challenging. It also seems to be better suited for older children than much younger ones. One would certainly expect different techniques for a 5-year old than at 15-year old.

If you order from the official website, the cost is $327, plus shipping, broken into three payments.

The Total Transformation website offers 48 pages of glowing endorsements of the product. All of the reviews on their website are 4 or 5 stars, among hundreds of reviews posted. 

This is simply not realistic. It would be naive to think none of these were written by friends, employees, or paid writers. Compare these reviews to the roughly 33% of reviews on Amazon (as of this writing) that blast the product with angry one-star assessments claiming that the product didn’t work or that customers received  the “run around” when trying to get a refund.

Bottom Line
We strongly disagree with the affiliate marketing techniques and fake reviews used for The Total Transformation. To spread that much hype (such as 45 pages of glowing reviews) is overkill to such an absurd level that it makes the product and company selling it seem untrustworthy. If you can ignore the mounds of fake affiliate website reviews, we feel the product itself may be a good investment if a few criteria are met (these are our suggestions)). We believe the Total Transformation is best suited for teens and also for parents who can be strong, consistent, and follow through with a plan. Our opinion is that inconsistent or lenient parents, or those with young children will be wasting their money.

We should also note that book stores have shelves lined with excellent parenting books for a fraction of the cost of The Total Transformation. And if you are really indecisive, try watching some “tough love” videos on YouTube for free.


Free:  "All You Need Is Love"


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