Friday, November 8, 2013

No where to run, Chief, but Downhill

From the Pew Research Center, this:

Obama Approval on Economy: 31%, Health Care: 37%

Ya know who enjoyed a 62% approval rating in his fifth 
year in the Highest Office in the land?


Oh, you guessed it~!


Mike said...

So much of life is about confidence; the game is half-won before you step on the field if you're confident you can win, the stock market is directly affected by investor confidence and faith in our President is proportional to the confidence we have in him. Reagan did a few things I had issues with, but even so, I had confidence in him that he was up to the job and would do his best for the nation and to protect it.

Anonymous said...

It appears the Bradley Effect is worth at least five points -- and probably more like 10.