Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not Safe For Normal American People
At Work or Not

I have never, and will never post pornographic material here.
I do not like it. Call it a Methodist thing.

But the unicorn worshipping crowd elected him, Zerobama,
and now guess what?  
They're the ones getting that pointy Unicorn shaft.  Ouch.

Sad to think really, but they -THEY- probably 
fantasize/dream about stuff like this (along with Zero?)
(what's that blue thing behind Zerobama's neck, he's grasping?) :

My dear God, what has happened to us?  

The artist "Lacey" needs immediate therapy, 
I'd say, in several areas.

I've found Daniel Lacey's website.
I think it/he is sick, so disturbing, but Daniel Lacey claims
to be a Conservative.  You Decide.  I did (uhh, not).

Art?  Political satire? Erotic?
When did an imaginary animal's imaginary penis become Art? Political satire? Erotic?
Likewise, our present imaginary US President?

Matthew 24:37- ....
hat tip Abouna's "Let the Truth Be Known" blog, the video link~


Jeffro said...

I guess I've been a farm boy way too long, but Obama's crotch looks like a vaginal prolapse ejecting the Fallopian tubes along with all the other female plumbing.

The Local Malcontent said...

I wasn't going to go after that aspect of the image, but yeah, looks like Fallopian tubes on a tortilla, or sumppin'...
Wasn't there some old comics character called "Bip"? I'll look up Bip; Barry reminds me of Bip, all of a sudden. it's something buried deep in memory, (dangerous territory, danger-danger).

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Most interesting observation Jeffro, most interesting indeed. The Local Malcontent, you have me stymied, I never head of "Bip".