Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving Shopping With Joan

Whatever does the pre-modern, fading actress do, when one has 75 people coming over to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner, in three days? 

You/She head(s) to the corner Piggly Wiggly, in your/her station wagon, of course.  Don't forget to fill up on Pepsi while there, and don't forget to spend $9 dollars to fill up that gastank at the Deep Rock gas station, either, where gasoline is only $0.36 9/10 a gallon.


I was 10 months old on Thanksgiving, 1969.  Even at that young age,
I remember wishing that Joan Crawford would take me shopping with her, letting me try to get 
a Red Weirdo, too.

who knew, that I'd grow up to become one myself~?


Your Local Malcontent family wishes you and yours, a most wonderful Thanksgiving today~!
Remember to pray before dining, thanking God for the many blessings in your life, asking for God's continuing Grace to be shed, both on your families and upon our troubled United States.

Through dedicated prayer, with God, this nation's dark, fearful period will pass, I believe it.


Leticia, Dillon and I are expecting eleven to share our table today, around 2 pm.  
Food, Football, Guns, Food, Gossip and Rumors, Laughter.  Mostly Laughter.
Mostly Food.  Go Texas Tech, Beat Texas~!

Leti and her sister have been roasting two turkeys overnight, the house this morning smells like a fancy
restaurant's kitchen somewhere.  
We will have Pumpkin, Chocolate, Apple pies, 
already on the agenda~ THESE better show up.

But No Pepsi.  Sorry, Joan.


Anonymous said...

And the same to you, good friend.

The Local Malcontent said...

There is something very attractive, in imagining a North Georgia Thansgiving that you are having today, Kevin.

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to God, to you and your great family as well, old friend.

So far, Oakland and Dallas are tied at 7, and I just gave up with my belt adjustments and went to sweatpants.
Its all good here, my best wishes that you and Mrs. McGehee are enjoying the same

Anonymous said...

Last night the thing Chris was most thankful for was Mississippi State beating Ole Miss in overtime.

Not the only thing, just the biggest.

CGHill said...

I never could work up much enthusiasm over Pepsi. I blame my mother, who claimed credit for introducing Dr Pepper to the South Carolina Lowcountry.

The Local Malcontent said...

Charles! I love it when you drop in.

So, I'm wondering, did your mom invent Hot Dr. Pepper? The cola heated on the stove, and served hot in a cup?

I can remember that antidote as both intoxicant and medicant,
either way it knocked one/me out.

love ya, boss~!