Friday, November 22, 2013

'The President Has Been Shot'

I know; I share that same disappointment you do.

Today marks the 50th year since President John Kennedy
was assassinated in Dallas.
That event brought such great sadness to this nation, to the point
that one hears of his murder at least once a month these days.

I have not read the Warren Commission Report myself, only heard
of it's findings-
that a single man with ties to the Soviet Union, or Cuba, or the mafia
did from the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building along Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

Grief. Stunned disbelief.     Has America ever gotten over or past that day?

I don't see that Lee Harvey Oswald had much to gain by murdering Kennedy;
but someone, somewhere did:  Someone benefited, with either continued or gained power,
sustained income stream, or something.
killed the President to benefit the United States then.


Anonymous said...

Oswald was no more rational than Booth or Czolgosz. The only gain they sought was, essentially, to make themselves feel better.

Assassination as a means to an end has generally been a European thing -- or in America, an organized crime thing.

Anonymous said...

Booth or Czolgosz or Guiteau. Or Hinckley.