Sunday, December 15, 2013

Brown Out South of the Red River

Strangely, I have oddly mixed feelings about the announced resignation of Texas Longhorns coach Mack Brown, early last night.  And in fact, over the past 48 hours, when Coach Brown told an audience at the Longhorns' Football banquet in Austin that he looked forward to working with new athletic Director, Steve Patterson, and getting back on the recruiting road soon, I was honestly relieved, both for Brown, and indeed for the Texas football program.

Then absolute dismay, when the family and I were eating at a restaurant in McAlester which had ESPN on one of their TVs nearby, and it was reported that Mack Brown had resigned today, effective after Texas' bowl game against the Oregon Ducks, in San Antonio's Alamo Bowl.

Whut?  Wow. How?

Brown even ended his six-minute address Friday night by promising to coach the Horns to a victory over Oregon University, and secretly, inside I sure looked forward to rooting for the Horns that night.

"Go Texas, Beat (the other) OU"

And that's where the distinction lies, between my mixed up feelings:  Mack Brown had become a familiar foe to us Sooner/Cowboy fans, one we absolutely love to whip, but who can sure coach a talented team and design crazy plays, and sometimes beat OU.  

Wylie.  He is wylie in his ways, and that is why I liked him.  You always enjoy the wins better, when your opponent is as good as Mack Brown and his Longhorn teams usually were. And when Texas did beat us, like last October, and 4 other times since the turn of the century, it was by a better team usually
(the exception, '08), so the sting was 'worthy'.
But man, did I love it when the Sooners kicked the Longhorns butts last year, 63-21. Ahh, seems like only yesterday. 
I know, you got us this two months ago...

Therefore, next October will feel kind of strange.

Best Wishes to you coach, from a die-hard Sooner fan who really only hated you on the Second Saturday Showdown in October.  You are a class act, and did the Horns a fine job.

Coach, this is FOR YOU.  I wouldn't do this for anybody else here, sir:

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