Thursday, December 5, 2013

Brrrr, It's Brutally Cold;
The 12/13 Oklahoma Ice Storm

Road conditions here in Southeast Oklahoma became too dangerous to even attempt early on; schools are dismissed, businesses are closed, as tree limbs, power lines all covered in ice, snap like bombs, then fall, crashing: Many thousands of Okies, Arkies will be without electric power (hope you bought Propane, batteries, candles and food last week) before it's all over.

That's if you can even get out of your driveway~
Here in the northeast suburbs of Yanush, Oklahoma, we already have ~2 inches of a solid
sheet of sleet (a sleetsheet?) and frozen rain, and an inch of snow now, on top of that currently.
And the promise of more to come late Saturday/early Sunday.
Next week or whenever, the messy cleanup.

HOW about a heatwave, please?  Yessiree, that's what we need.

That Does Get the Fire started now, doesn't it?  Now toss on some Martha and the Vandellas to the kindling:

"Leti, you got anything to add to the growing fire we've started?"

"what's that in your left hand, babe, some Jasmine?"

Nice, very nice.  I'm beginning to feel the heat deep into my bones now. Let's make some chili to tide us over till the end of the storm, whatcha say?

Ingredients for (patent pending) Local Malcontent Branding Iron Chili:

2 pounds hamburger meat, 93% fat-free
1 pound Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage
1/2 bag dry pinto beans
3 med. white onions, totally cubed
1-1/2 quarts canned tomatoes, OR 3 12-oz. cans chopped tomatoes
1 pound red new potatoes (8 or 9), quartered and boiled
1 package McCormick's Chili Seasoning
2 tablespoons chopped habanero peppers (about 3 peppers)
1 teaspoon table salt.
Grated cheddar cheese, to suit
white bread or Aunt Jamima canned biscuits, also to suit.

**Soak the pinto beans in warm water, until rinsed, cleaned, then put in crock pot or
on the stove to simmer on low heat for 6 to 8 hours before hand.  Check periodically, adding water to cover them.  When beans are soft to the teeth, take off heat, drain and store for the moment.

**In a large, 3 quart pot, mix the rest ingredients, the onions, tomatoes, the washed & quartered raw potatoes, seasonings, peppers, enough water to barely cover it all, then let boil together
on med. to high heat, for as long as it takes to brown the meats in the other skillet.

**Brown the hamburger and sausage together in large skillet, until JUST BEFORE FULLY BROWNED, leave some meat pinkish; drain outside your back door onto the ground, tormenting the local beasties.

**Add the meats and the beans to the simmering broth in the large 3-qt. pot and cover, letting it simmer for around an hour.  Stir occasionally, so we all know you are still alive.

**This makes roughly a 4-5 Alarm chili, straight from the stove, but I let it cool down before serving it with shredded cheddar cheese, white bread or biscuits.  Have a fire extinguisher nearby and handy.

"Dillon, ya got anything to add to the fire, son?"

"Uhhh uhhmgm, anything with warmth to it, boy?"

I'm kind of steamed, now...
"Son, we need to see your I-phone for a minute~~?"

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