Monday, December 30, 2013

But You Will Never See It~

I wrote a brilliant (~VrBrilliant~) essay this morning on Dallas' NFL team, the Cowboys.  It was incise, concise, even deadly:
 citing four local source writers, coaches & players quotes  alike.

I lamented their THIRD IN A ROW, EVENSTEVEN, KISS YER SISTER, 8-8 season. 
I had suggestions for improvement- 
recommendations for the unemployment line- 
even a roster knife cut or Three.

But it was lost
thanks to JUST-AS-LAME Google Blogger.  
This asinine, simpleton blogging platform.  
I am getting the message thanks. 
Getting pretty pissed off, too, at Google.

It was brilliantly entitled "Genuine Ambivalence", but so what? You'll not read it's stunning, succinct alacrity. 

My original blogpost mentioned Mack Brown as a suggestive replacement head coach
for. what.. its... worth....

It was all lost, when I tried to publish it.  Got a message that "Blogger cannot save", 
then the familiar empty space of nothingness, with no where to go.  

Like The Dallas Cowboys this year.


Mike said...

When I was involved in MSN Groups, posts would vanish into the ozone all the time. It became standard practice to copy the post first before hitting "send". I sometimes forget here on Blogger, but usually do the same thing and I've lost probably 2 or 3 posts in my nearly 7 yrs. of having a blog.

Just copying the text works just fine if that's all you're going to post, but if you want to save the formatting (or images you've uploaded) click the HTML tab and save the code.

Also, did you check your drafts? I've noticed when I am writing a post, I see "Saving post" on a regular basis. In fact, sometimes it keeps a copy of what I'd written so far, even after I've hit "send". I go in now 'n then and clear them out, just to keep things tidy.

I've got a few things to say about the Cowboys, but I guess I will keep most of them to myself. I'll just say what I think is opposite of what I've been reading - not only today, but for the last few years.

What really annoys me is how people scream f/ Jerry Jones to step down or hire a G.M. It annoys me because it's highly unlikely, mainly because he has said he wouldn't. So, people whining about that are not only wasting their time but what's worse, they're wasting MY time by me having to sift through their comments. JJ won't step down until he realizes he's too old to cut the mustard and will hand the reins over to S. Jones OR he dies. Believe it or not, I've seen people wishing for the latter.

Nothing wrong w/ them a baseball bat across their typing hands wouldn't cure.

There's nothing wrong with people saying what THEY would do if they were in charge - I do it too, but I don't claim to be an expert and I'm positive 99.99998% of everyone else putting their two cents in isn't, either. The difference between them and me is that I realize it.

Like I said, I have thoughts of what I would do, what I HOPE they do, but I guess I'll save them for another time - I've rambled on enough already. Sure wish I could have read your post, I might have agreed with some/all of it and I might not have. I disagree w/ the Mack Brown f/ coach, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Mike's advice about saving a copy-paste of your post is good, whenever you're using a platform hosted on the platform's own server. It would go for and TypePad as well.

I haven't lost a post to a server glitch in years, but that's mainly because I went to self-hosted even while still using Blogger -- which, I seem to recall, is no longer an option.

The Local Malcontent said...

Yeah, Kevin, and believe me, I've looked into buying "The Local Malcontent Dot Com" (available).
My hangup is my unreliability--
I might not post anything for months (and have), get disgusted and quit (and have), plus, I would want to offer maybe some Indian art or beadwork or blackmarket Eagle feathers on "".
Maybe someday.

Infact, Mike did just that too~ is his address now, so there is added emphasis, a growing urgency to rid myself of this disgusting platform.

Mike, take a moment and post something about the "Kissyersister" Cowboys at said website-- I'd love to read your opinion on what you think management should do.

Mike said...

I wrote a too-long essay in reply and it was over the character limit. I saved it to a Notepad document and might just create a post in my own blog about the 'Boys, even though I doubt I'll get any feedback on it.