Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Homage. Handsdown. Treasure.

The Most Influential Comic. EVER.

THE TV Theme song of five generations, thus far;
Untold numbers of generations to go~

Click Image To Enjoy Please

Has anyone of you dear readers, ever been in a dentist office,
a doctor's clinic's waiting room, or in a friend's home, 
when that tune is'nt heard somewhere in a distance??

And you didn't halt momentarily, to watch,, her,, to catch up with,, her,, to pay homage to her,
to simply see what her familiar predicament was to follow??

I always do; I cannot resist looking, finding, reconnecting.
I stop and seek the source of the Lucysound, I check in to find out if there's Lucy news, or just a Lucy Ricardo episode... 
just in case it's a gem, as nearly 100% of that series was.

If you say "no", I do not believe you for one minute.
You are a liar.

What is to follow this OH-SO-WELL-KNOWN-TUNE ?
Is Lucy in Brooklyn or in Hollywood?  Stuck in an Alpine snowdrift or working a chocolate factory with Ethyl?? 

Doing a "Health Food" commercial?  "23% Alcohol~!??"

OMG, Dear Lucy, how we wish you could be here, to console us, to temper your nation now.

Your chances are 100% that you've loved that particular episode, you've Loved Lucy in that identifiable episode
before, 449 times before.

You've become anxious to watch Lucy cheat defeat again
by donning the Superman costume, or
schmoozing with French actor Maurice Chevalier, or
curtsying for the Queen, or stealing John Wayne's 
signature in concrete not once, not twice, but thrice.

(i will not say this often but) 
IRREGARDLESS, we check in to that Oh So Familiar Tune,
to see what Lucy is up to now,
because her antics are our connection to timelessness.

Zany is defined by one photo, one image:  Lucy Ricardo.
Brilliant is defined by one photo, one word:  Lucy.
Unparalleled can be defined by one comedienne:  Lucille Ball.

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Anonymous said...

The original was before my time; I grew up watching her as Lucy Carmichael or Lucy Carter; Gale Gordon being in both, I sometimes got the shows mixed up but one had Vivian Vance playing "Viv" and the other ... didn't.

I discovered "I Love Lucy" later though, and only then discovered how "The Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy" were retreads, however effective and enjoyable, of the original magic.