Monday, December 9, 2013

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Five splendid iconic parts of Americana
collide & fuse on one single day, October 2, 1959

Mid to late 20th century Americana, a.k.a. the good ole days.

First, actor Earl Holliman.
Legendarily rugged, handsome good looks, and a natural talent to act.
Mr. Holliman began his acting career 60 years ago in 1953, and is a memorable standout actor in every endeavor in which he appeared.
Most of all (in my opinion), the Pilot episode of "The Twilight Zone".

In "Where Is Everybody?", Earl Holliman portraits a man totally alone in a world, trying to find another human being to have contact with, to interrelate with until madness sets in.

In true to form "Twilight Zone" twists, his character finally is revealed to be a test astronaut, 
under stress trials for a two-week trip to the moon.  

Seeing Mr Holliman again as a 30 year old "customer with $2.85 American money" in his pocket is really a treat.

This Twilight Zone pilot episode launched two, no three, no several divergent avenues of Americana onto and into our history.  

*Mr. Earl Holliman, born September 11, 1928 - ; 

*Mr. Rod Serling
b. December 25, 1924,
d. June 28, 1975. 
imagine meeting Rod Serling on a back street, some alley, after some weird, crazy stuff happening to ya?
I'd totally run away screaming 

*The Twilight Zone, the TV series (x4),

*The familiar favorite 'Twilight Zone' rock song (Golden Earring)
when the bullet hits the bone
 [i hear this in my head s(to)o often]

*'The Twilight Tone' jazz tune, (Manhattan Transfer)
hearin' the Twilight, here in the Twilight, the Twilight tone
 [i hear this in my head not often enough]

* Instant Sanka.  Immediate gratification just a jar away;
just add hot H2O & sugar, sugar.
Yesterday, I'd never heard of "Sanka", much less 'instant' Sanka.  Instant Folgers, yes

*"In the (Twilight) Zone", adjective, meaning idiomatic, having a feeling of intense focus and/or an intense feeling of direction or toward a goal.

*The growing momentum for a U.S. manned space mission to the moon.

All these things, all these people converged on an early autumn night in 1959.  On CBS.

Their legacies impact us To. This. Day.

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