Monday, December 9, 2013

No One Ever Saw This Coming

Remember former North Carolina Senator and 
presidential/vice presidential candidate John Edwards?  

"I would rather not remember him," you would say; 
and I would have to agree....

Once a disgusting slime ball, always a disgusting slime ball.  

According to The Stir, he's cheating. Again.  On his love-child-baby's mama now.  Again.

This guy is such an arrogant, narcissistic creep, thank goodness America discovered the truth about him, before he became a national leader.  Instead, the Democrats foisted upon us all another arrogant, narcissistic creep. But that's another similar story.

If it's anything Rielle Hunter should know about her erstwhile boyfriend John Edwards, it is that the jerk doesn't exactly commit fully to his relationships. Rielle should know, of course, because he got her pregnant while still married to his late wife, Elizabeth. But reportedly Rielle is so upset by John's new 35-year-old girlfriend that she has "stopped eating and barely gets out of bed."

Hmm, imagine Edwards walking coldly away from a sobbing woman. Hard to believe.

From The Daily Mail, his new girlfriend, Danielle King, is a 35-year old clinical coordinator at Duke University's Cancer Care Research Program in Durham, North Carolina.  

Wait a second~ didn't the late Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards die from cancer?  

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