Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Obama Supposedly Takes a "Selfie"
at Nelson Mandela Memorial Service

Glenn Beck so far the only national talk show host, 
is commenting about this viral image on the airwaves. Ok, now Rush is mentioning it, in the first minute of his show too.

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Courtesy of & Hat Tip to http://selfiesatfunerals.tumblr.com/

However, there is no telling what Zerobama, British Prime Minister Cameron and (female) Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt are looking at, or taking a photograph of themselves.

It could be something as innocent as watching Auburn's Chip Davis running back a missed field goal 103 yards for a touchdown to defeat Alabama.

Or something as innocent as a video of al Qaeda's poison gas attack in Damascus, Syria, which killed 135 civilians.
Zerobama may only be smiling because he is seated next to a hot Danish blond lady.

Who knows??  Maybe it's a "selfie", but Michelle Zerobama is Zero unimpressed, since she was not invited to take part. That much is fersure.

This photograph was taken by someone else, of course, exposing Zerobama for the empty suit that he is.  

In a related story, the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth took place today on Air Force 1, in the space between Michelle and Barry, when the temperature plummeted to -235 F.


Anonymous said...

After that (alleged?) selfie, apparently FLOTUS switched seats with the Unicorn Prince to get him away from the Valkyrie.

The Local Malcontent said...

Yeah, I saw those photographs now too, Kevin; Love the one where, after making Barry switch seats with her, she has her right shoulder deliberately turned away from Helle, the Valkyrie.

found it here at American Thinker: