Wednesday, December 11, 2013

She IS FLOTUS, Watch Her Roar,
With Feelings Too Big to Ignore

No, Cinderella, she ain't.  Jackie O, she ain't.  
Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush? LOL

Neither the Cinderella at the King's ball, 
nor the Cinderella cleaning the fireplace,
is Our Michelle. Definitely, one of a kinda woman. 

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No, Michelle is the wicked stepmother, who cannot seem to keep her truest emotions, her temper concealed,
from being exposed on her face.  She is an angry, black woman. 

"Pissed", "Spurned", "Burned", "Psycho"
just as likely also.

In my opinion, Mrs. Zerobama has been unfairly compared to a 
Star Wars character, Chewbacca.  

Chewbacca's specie has better hair than Michelle does, 
so that comparasion is unfair to her, IMHO.

From a commenter at 

Well, if you look at photos of Moochelle when she is forced to sit near a beautiful woman, she often looks like this. Can anyone forget the shots of her glaring at Nicholas Sarkozy's wife, the super-model? I don't care how many times Moochelle appears on the cover of Vogue in the White House's vain attempt to make her appear attractive, she still looks like a Wookie.

and this from comedian/actor Chris Rock:

Chewbacca? Really? At this point, Michelle Obama’s detractors are sounding less like informed critics and more like fourth-grade bullies.  What is the deal? In many circles, Michelle Obama is lauded for her smarts, her beauty, those arms, of course, and her sharp wardrobe. But then again, those are the circles that aren’t blinded by the fact that she’s also African-American.  My theory: For some of these conservatives, Michelle Obama is the first time they’ve been confronted with a black woman that doesn’t fit nicely inside their “welfare queen” ideal.  Yes, it’s almost been three years and they’re still adjusting. Some refuse to adjust. But even then, can they say about her?  They can’t critique her on policy, since that’s not her job. And it’s hard to come up with a salient argument against wanting kids to eat better and play more. So they resort to the golden rule used by schoolyard bullies everywhere:  When in doubt, make fun of her looks.
Now a commenter at

Just like a jealous woman. Put your arm around a good looking blonde, and the husband-abusing wife puts your ass in the middle aisle. I saw North Viet Namese regular army troops that didn't look that mean..
Worth 1000 words each, judge for yourselves, our First Lady, our Michelle.

Evidence, Proof Positive, Global Cooling: 

1 comment:

Mike said...

I do not think she's attractive at all and w/out high-priced cosmetics and a govt. paid high-priced makeup artist, she'd be hideous looking.

There's nothing racist about my opinion; there are plenty of black women that are among the prettiest/sexiest women of ANY race I've ever seen: Pam Grier, Whitney Houston (before drugs, Halle Berry, Diana Ross, Jayne Kennedy (one of my boyhood crushes), Vanessa Williams (STILL lovely), Lena Horne, Laila Ali (drop-dead gorgeous plus she could kick someone's ass who was picking on you)...the list could go on and on.

It's not her outer looks that make her unappealing, but rather the ugliness that goes to the bone, oozing out of her like pus from a festering wound.

"For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." did it for me. She could have phrased that a hundred different ways and it wouldn't have been offensive.

I like making fun of her; she's an easy target, plus I love how it makes the progressives' heads explode...the same ones who loved to make jokes about Laura Bush's car wreck that caused a fatality so many yrs. ago.