Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Her Thesis as Her Entitlement License

Hillary Rodham composed a Thesis for her Bachelor's Degree work at Wellesley's College based 
upon the life and published works of one Saul Alinsky, for whom she also worked.

Yeah, that Saul Alinsky, who's "Rules For Radicals" book has caused so much fetid rot in America, much like the fetid rot Mr. Alinsky is today, as he spins in Hell.

Miss Hillary Rodham, now -Clinton, chose as her easy topic of thesis her idol, mentor, community organizer, Communist, and former boss
Saul Alinsky.

Isn't life just a wonderful merry-go-round?

Here is just a sprinkling of contaminant from her graduating work, from 1969, from Wellesley:


"Although I have no "loving wife" (currently) to thank for keeping the children away while I wrote, I do have many friends and teachers who have contributed to the process of thesis-writing.
And I thank them for their tireless help and encouragement.  In regard to the paper itself, there are three people who deserve special appreciation:  Mr. (Saul) Alinsky for providing a topic, sharing his time and (for) offering me a job; Miss Alona E. Evans for her thoughtful questioning and careful editing that clarified fuzzy thinking and tortured prose; and Jan Krigbaum for her spirited intellectual companionship and typewriter rescue work.

"With customary British understatement, The Economist referred to Saul Alinsky as "that rare specimen, the successful radical." This is one of the blander descriptions applied to Alinsky during a thirty-year career in which epithets have been collected more regularly than paychecks.
The epithets are not surprising as most people who deal with Alinsky need to categorize (him) in order to handle him. .... For Saul Alinsky is more than a man who has created a particular approach to community organizing, he is the articulate proponent of what many consider to be a dangerous socio/political philosophy.  An understanding of the "Alinsky-type method" (i.e. his organizing method) as well as the philosophy on which it is based must start with an understanding of the man himself.

((Blah, blah, blah biography of the child Saul Alinsky, born poor,
got educated, got a good paying job, and then turned, 
biting the hands which helped him up.))

Although Alinsky calls Chicago his "city", the place really represents to him the American Dream-- in all its nightmare and its glory. 
(What the hell does that even mean?
'Although I call Yanush my "town", the place really represents to me the American Dream, in all its nightmare and its glory.'  
Can anyone, anywhere, escape experiencing the two extremes in their "city" or their "town"?  
Gibberish, throw-away, crap-lines, in a 
Bachelor's degree Thesis paper~!)

This is Hillary Clinton:
as intellectually superficial as cellophane, 
as politically dangerous as dynamite.

(continuing; please refrain from vomiting)

... Exposure began for Alinsky  when he and other students collected food for the starving coal miners in southern Illinois who were rebelling against John L. Lewis and the United Mine Workers.  Lewis became a role model for Alinsky who learned about labor's organizational tactics from watching and working with Lewis during the early years of the CIO.  Alinsky soon recognized that one of the hardest jobs of the leader is an imaginative one as he struggles to develop a rationale for spontaneous action:  

  • For instance, when the first sit-down strikes took place in Flint, no one really planned them. They were clearly a violation of the law-- trespassing, seizure of private property.  Labor leaders ran for cover, refused to comment.  But Lewis issued a pontifical statement, 'a man's right to a job transcends the right of private property', which sounded plausible.

Sounds like a toddler's tantrum, when not getting her way.

  • After graduating from the University of Chicago, Alinsky received a fellowship in criminology (and he, with a curious, undergrad degree in archeology...~) with a first assignment to get a look at crime from the inside of gangs. He attached himself to the (Al) Capone gang, attaining a perspective from which he viewed the gang as a huge, quasi-public utility, serving the people of Chicago.
HILLARY's Own Words: Al Capone's public utility.

The rest will make you vomit, considering that 
both Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham-Clinton 
worship @ the feet of 
the Satan-worshiping Saul Alinsky.

Read it all, 92 typed pages, replete with dozens+ of Hillary's own, grammatical errors.

It may take you two or more days, but think of the food that you dare not eat otherwise, 
saving you on your food budget~
That's what I've done. \\ to keep from tossing up my lunch-

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