Monday, January 6, 2014

IT'S Brass Monkey COLD Around Here

Whew boy, was it cold this morning, all day.

+5 degrees F. at sunrise, around 7:15, when the thermometer could be seen from inside (Are you kidding? Go outside to check the temperature?). 
With wind-chills in the minus teens.
"... cold enough to freeze the (parts) on a Brass Monkey,"

Sure, it is colder elsewhere, up north, but dayummm, how do they survive that worse weather in Minnesota or Manitoba?
The boy and I brought in about a fourth of a rick of oak and hickory for the fireplace for the night, after church yesterday in preparation for the chill, and still we wore our shoes and hoodies in here last night. Breakfast, we all stood very near the stove waiting on sausage, gravy and biscuits to eat.
And we put Leti's and Dill's trucks in our (breezy) garage last night, mine in the elements, but also facing south, and thankfully hers and mine started OK.  

I'd appreciate just a bit more global warming, Mr. Gore, please.

Our area's persimmon cores this season all had spoons inside them, predicting alot of precipitation, usually as snow. Knives mean bitter cold but mostly dry, and forks mean mild weather.
So far, Yanush, Latimer County, Ok has received maybe 6 inches of snow and ice in two storms.
More to come??
All I know is, I could spit high into the air right now (3:40pm),
and it would hit the ground as a solid piece of ice.

Nevertheless, today is Epiphany in the Christian world
and we wish you and yours hopefully a very warm observance of the youth of our Lord Jesus Christ, a young Jew & Child of God Almighty.
We'll stay at home here, huddled up close to stay warm, thankful to God for His Love for us, enjoying chicken-n-dumplins with carrots and celery, then maybe cake.

Then watching the Seminoles of Florida State beat Auburn in the last BCS college football championship game, from the Rose Bowl;
where temps will be in the +60s tonight, lucky them.


Jeffro said...

That was certainly an entertaining game!

Stay warm, my friend!

Anonymous said...

My wife was rooting for Auburn because Auburn is SEC and had beaten Alabama. Her cousin was rooting for Florida State because he lives in Tallahassee.

Of course, there's (lighthearted) tension between my wife and his wife anyway because Wife of Slog is Mississippi State and Wife of Cousin-in-Law is Ole Miss...