Friday, January 17, 2014

One Word of Truth Outweighs the World

NO Question About It.
Edward Snowden Is An American Hero

Americans champion a whistleblower, when said whistleblower exposes an abuse of power, and in Snowden's case, a case of 200 million abuses PER DAY, of power.

When Snowden fled Hawai'i for Hong Kong, I admired him.
It was in Hong Kong that Snowden first exposed the abusive, intrusive NSA tactics.
Now Snowden is in Moscow, Russia, and still exposing Our American Treachery on Ourselves.

Alternatively, MEET, and HEAR dangerous, flaccid NSA supporter, 'MAXBOOT'. HERE: .

Snowden's safety, his furor and his future was/Is prayed for,
from here in Southeast Oklahoma, Barry.

Any time that Any obtuse abuse of power, regardless of source, regardless of nation/nationality, is brought to the attention of the free public, the abuse must be condemned.

Ed Snowden has Principle.  I would so~! greatly enjoy shaking his hand, inviting him for dinner.

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