Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Recipe for Our Disaster

I would like you to read just a couple of paragraphs of a great talk
on Ronald Reagan's presidency, here.
Specifically, how President Reagan helped topple the Soviet Union.
THEN ASK YOURSELVES:  Does this sound familiar, here, lately?

"Reagan’s conviction that the Soviet Union was both a dangerous military power and a collapsing economic system derived not from any deep knowledge of the Soviet Union. Yet he proved to be the proverbial right man in the right place at the right time. By whatever means he arrived at his views regarding the Soviet Union, he drew from them policy directions that were devastatingly effective in undermining the rotten Soviet edifice. Because of the high oil prices of the 1970s the Soviet leadership avoided serious economic reforms, such as those that saved Deng Xiaoping’s China. Instead, it relied on oil revenues as a means of keeping its decrepit economy going. By the early 1980s the Soviet Union was becoming a hollow shell, with an unreformed and increasingly backward industrial base producing outmoded pre-computer armaments. Thus it was highly vulnerable to the pressures that the Reagan administration was planning.
"Certainly, the Soviet system, in its attempt to equalize the workers, must have also had to eliminate various elements of the human spirit. Take away a man’s hope for a better existence and you take away his reason for being, I think a big contributor to the demise of the USSR was the lack of spirit among the proletariat that an individual could make a difference."

Ronald Reagan defeated the Communist Soviet Union by forcing them to overspend, in compensation to the U.S.' increase in military spending in the 1980s.

How sad that just one generation after President Reagan, America is led by a man steeped in Communism, bred in decadent Socialism, and now instructed by similar advisers on how
to destroy America, by the very same recipe:  Over spending on the social welfare front, thereby demoralizing the spirits of a majority of our Americans, unemployed with scant hope other than a government hand-out, and not the buildup of our great military.

Will Texas and Oklahoma be like Chechoslovakia and Hungary, and separate themselves from Soviet America? Or will it be the entire Gulf States Southern Bloc?

Lecture #1141, by Dr. Lee Edwards, Heritage Foundation

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