Wednesday, January 1, 2014


In Human years, that would be like 45 eons.
This Saturday, The Local Malcontent bloggie turns seven years "young".  
Considering how many times I've come here to say goodbye, that I quit, that I can't hang,
now today I marvel at typing a blog post about this blog's seventh year.

Good times, ... good times.

I've embarrassed myself here- I've been a butthole here- 
My posts have been cited by Rush Limbaugh,,,; 
I've explained myself to Mark Levin here, regarding his former, constant
usage of the word 'malcontent' to define bed-wetting Statists in his best sellers.

I shared highlights of my courtship of Miss Leticia Hunter here.
Our marriage here-- 
Hatless in Hattiesburg, Abouna, Prudence Ponder, Jungle Mom and Kini 
have all guest hosted "The Local Malcontent" here for me.

Then, in 2011, posts covering our great joy, our adoption of my BFF, a Choctaw midget named Dillon, shared right here.

Mahmood Ahmedinejihad starred in a few early posts, when he would call me up, 
real late at night, and drunk as usual.

You prayed for me when I got fired from the Choctaw Casino in McAlester.
You celebrated with me when I was hired by the State of Oklahoma, auditing the Choctaw Casino in McAlester, along with 17 others.

I cussed out a fellow Okie blogger in Choctaw language here... oops.
... won't/can't do that again... 

I endorsed:  Tom Tancredo for President; Duncan Hunter for President; J.C. Watts for President in 2008: and like you, I pissed away my vote for John McCain BUT I loved Sarah Palin however~
In 2012, I endorsed:  Newt Gingrich for President; Rick Santorum for President; and finally settled on Mitt Romney, all the while wondering where is our testosterone?

Speaking of testosterone, I shared with you last year, my diagnosis of stage 3 prostate cancer, 
and my incredulity thereof, since my 'boys' down there don't produce jack, of themselves~
Today I am a cancer survivor, and cancer free, praise God almighty.
My music addictions displayed here, J.S.Bach to Scott Joplin, Andy Williams to AC\DC.
and Circus music.... I require Circus music. NOW.

Zerobama.  What an evil creature he is. 
What little attention he deserves.

Don't test me, I know the last 7 (plus 99) World Series teams by rote.
(the Miracle Mets, the year I wuz born)
So don't go there- I stole every base along with Lou Brock; I slammed that 715th home run into the left field bleachers with Hank; I put Kirk Gibson in to pinch-hit in the bottom of the ninth in Game One, 1988.  Oh~! the glory
So here We Sit, But where did we begin?  Below is a copy of 
my very first "Local Malcontent" blog post, from January 4, 2007.
It will sound kinda familiar ....~!

Thank you all, for your patience with me, your tolerance of me, 
your love for me and mine, 
and most of all, of my rants here. 
I Do Love You All, Heyyah~

Alright, I feel pushed to Decide a Tone

OK. New year, 2007, and start the blog anew.

It's taken me some days to decide what to inaugurate the new blog's subject to be.
Saddam's hanging death, or the new American Democratic Legislature, or merely
weird weather...

All of these are interesting to me. So why not just a little of all three? Or more...
Saddam Hussein's death by hanging was a justifying and fitting end to a subhuman, an animal who took such pleasure and delight in seeing the torment and torture of others in Iraq. "I'm glad he's dead," to borrow a line from the Joker, in the Batman movie. I watched his hanging, both the sanitized version, and then the brutal one, with the jeers and taunts, from the camera phone, with delight.
Remembering the stories of all his tortures, those of the rape rooms, of the reports of electrifying the genitals of prisoners, horrible recounts of someone being slowly lowered into a shredding machine, to the regular coverage of the deaths of thousands through his poisonous gasses, I did not mind watching him cowering, as the coward that he is/was, being led to the gallows last week, on December 30th.
My initial reaction is: One down, three to go. (bin Laden, al-Zarhiri, and Ahmadineejad...)
Look, I apologize to no one for being a red-blooded American, loving America, Mom, Baseball and Apple Pie.Islamic fundamentalist fury is a cancer on the face of the earth today, and Needs to be Excised, Now.
I see this as the most dangerous threat to the life of humanity on Earth in this time. Far, far more on this in upcoming blogs, believe me. Just getting my feet wet in this forum now. I have plenty of opinions on Islamic aggression and threats, but only one solution. And that one solution is dreadful; I'm still working this out in my head, but honestly, it only points to one solution sadly, ultimately.

So far, I've not much to say about the new Democratic leadership in the American Congress, except to ask this: Why does the Lady Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, need to have a four-day fundraiser event, at this point in the election cycle, by having a $1,000. a plate dinner splash so soon? It's so true, and I am a part, in throwing the Republican Bums out of office; but Nazi Pelosi, demonstrating so early that all that she's for is raising money, worries me alot. 
Sorry, typo there--- Nanzi, I mean Nanzy, Nancy! 
Democrats are best used as firewood, in my opinion, so like I say, we shall see. Let's give em two years, then call for their removal, or their ignition.... Besides, if America focuses upon the game of politics, like focusing upon college football, or Baseball, then our enemies work their evil without us noticing it.

**Let's all pray for rain for Australia, speaking of weather. Plenty of rain. The drought in Australia really worries me; besides having loads of buddies there: Robert: and the Wizzard of Oz, and the Demondog of Alice, all of whom are such great mates of mine, all of whom need rain in their land.
**C'mon, folks, pray for rain! It's just rain, so easy to create by prayer.!

Back to the main part, I am unmoved, and immovable in my belief that fundamental Islamists, the Wahhabbistttss, the complete nuts of that Religion of Peace, have to be uh, totally annihilated, to be removed from our collective memories, for this Earth to proceed. 
Believe me, for the most part, I am a fun loving, light-hearted guy. But I stop short, and become a violent fighter for the American way, for freedom, and freedom of thought, and all that that implies, when push comes to shove.
I will certainly try to maintain this blog regularly, every other day or so.... For now, though, just poking my toe into the waters.

/the L-M/


Mike said...

Congrats! I knew my 7th anniversary of my blog was coming up this month or next but wasn't for sure exactly when - went back and looked and the earliest post was in April, something happened to a month or two of posts. Oh well, I'm sure there was nothing profound or valuable that was lost.

I guess your firing happened before we became cyber-friends, but I remember most everything else.

You do a lot more political stuff than I do - I have a couple of dear online friends I've "known" since not long after I first got online that are Democrats, and who visit my blog regularly, but they're not full-blown progressives or I don't think I could have stayed friends w/ them. We agree on many things, but have silently agreed we prob. shouldn't talk politics. (although I did have to remind one about the time she admonished me back in 2000 that "they're not coming for your guns!" and how wrong she was.)

I'm an equal opportunity basher on politics in my blog - if I think a Republican deserves some scorn, then he/she will get it. After all, I hold them to a much higher standard than I do the Dems...I already know most of them are crooks and scumbags.

I was right in line w/ you in 2008 and I might not have voted f/ McCain if not f/ Sarah Palin. I sent Hunter some money, only to have the *&^$%$#% drop out a week later. Like you in '12, I settled on Romney, but it was an anti-Obama vote more than anything else. I'll never vote for a Republican again, not unless they can trot out a conservative instead of "Democrat Lite" like they've been doing. Otherwise, I'll vote third party or leave the box un-ticked - some might say that's throwing my vote away but I vehemently disagree; besides, I threw it away voting for Romney.

That music is fitting, the perfect accompaniment to our current political process.

Anyway...congrats on your blog's anniversary. I'll prob. do mine like I did this last New Year's...sleep right through it.

The Local Malcontent said...

Mike you are sure one dear friend, and one I would do anything that I could for, cyberly or physically.
Let's stay true friends, OK?