Saturday, February 8, 2014

Got a Ticket Because
I Had Beans In My Ears

a speeding ticket from a town deputy yesterday afternoon, while headed to West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma, on Hwy 59. Doing only 71 in a 55., just south of Stillwell, Ok.

"There wasn't that much snow" excuse didn't work.  "Oklahoma state employee..." excuse didn't work.  "GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW" seemed too risky to utilize.

What it really was, was me listening to my ITunes selections-
-in my ears--as I went to 'Cherokee 3', my first destination yesterday.

And which tune, was the one I zoned out to, I could not guess exactly-- 
THEY ARE, ALL 63 in number, EXCELLENT-
Here are the most likely suspects
(aw, it's Linda Rondstadt, I know it....):

most the rest of my Itunes are, uhh, Scott Joplin rags,,, 

Please, at least listen to the Sublime, the Dextrose, 
the Humpty--  fast becoming my favorite tune,
"Begin the Beguine", by Artie Shaw, circa 1938:

Now, Have A Great Weekend~!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Great title of the post w/ some pretty good tunes, too. It looks a lot like a cross section of my mp3 jukebox on my computer. I like country to pop to classical - AC/DC to ABBA, Bach to Bachman Turner Overdrive.

I love all sorts of music, got that from my folks who both loved music. My pop and I used to have the radio on when we were doing something together out in the garage and I'd have it tuned to the local Top 40 station and I'd think he wasn't listening, but he'd suddenly say "That's a pretty song, too bad I can't understand the lyrics." (usually a Beatles tune)

Love the Big Band music, too. I like Ronstadt, but her politics and public statements annoy me so much, I have problems separating them from her music.

Funny little story about Garth Brooks; my folks were on their way to Missouri, think it was, and stopped f/ gas in Yukon. Dad had seen a water tower with "Home of Garth Brooks" on it and he asked the clerk how the fishing was there. She looked at him like he was nuts...he thought Garth Brooks was a spring or small river. (although he liked most music, we didn't have much country and western in our house, just some Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves and a Marty Robbins album)