Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey Wait- What Do You Think I Tried Telling You NewsGuys?

Mighty Manti T'eo, 
former Norte Dame Fighting Irishman 
and current San Diego Charger 
Middle Linebacker,
upstaged by a mere Missouri Tiger.

In 20/20 hindsight, Manti's 
imaginary girlfriend schtick, 
her "tragic death" and all, was a fiasco attempt to tell the world about his nature, whether or NOT we wanted to know.

All along, the in-the-know- media wanted a man of color
to admit he was gay, to 
set the stage for the tsunami of gay-guilt to come. 

You high school students, especially you athletes, let us all know who you are bedding, OK?
College students, be sure to check the appropriate box, so that we know, and can check you out.

The media begged Manti T'eo to come out of his closet,after feasting on the embarrassing news of his imaginary girlfriend,  to set their table of future contents.
Instead, they got a Tiger, a good-looking 
Tiger at that--
to announce to the world, his sexual focus.
I think this was done for money, to be paid in the future.
How long until we Americans all know the full identidy of his lover/boyfriend/husband ?

10:00 PM, EST, PST, 9:00 CENTRAL."
Anxious, frothing-mouthed Liberals will be sure 
to tune in and/or TIVO.
And it will be guaranteed to be just salacious enough, to encite everyone to watch....

Manti, the next move is yours... top him, news-wise, or stay on the bottom, news-wise?


I suppose that it would be better for Sam and T'eo both,
were either to become an NFL great, to get ahead of the story, rather than having to explain why his date, after the game against the Jets, was Brett Favre.

But here's the nexus of the matter for me, and many like me:
Your sex life is your personal business.  Keep it personal, to yourself.  
Given time, our government will disappoint us all, 
will allow you to broadcast your sexuality online,
as the Number ONE facet of your personality, 
giving you rights that you otherwise aren't entitled to.

All this just makes me sick.
I know one openly gay guy, he cooks the best cheeseburgers I've ever eaten, in McAlester, 
but I've struggled to eat his delicious treats whenever he comes out and talks about his 'boyfriend' with me.

I have noticed that the cheeseburgers get bigger and thicker each time I visit his establishment, since he first told me about his lifestyle....


The Local Malcontent said...

Manti Te'o, a mere 'steppping stone'now, having relinquished his on-field accomplishments to an ill-conceived agenda.

Anonymous said...

I am homosexual, and I worship Manti Te'o.
You should not debase Manti because he is attracted to men.

Can he help it? Can you help it, who U are attracted to?

The Local Malcontent said...

Leaving aside your second question, let me say this:
I don't have any problem whatsoever, with your attractions, and I don't have any problem with Manti's either~!

My problem with Manti T'eo, is with his denial of his most basic instinct, when it is SOO obvious to all the rest of us.

I wish both you, Anonymous, and T'eo,, the very best in your lives, I wish you well~
I only complain that he's complying with perceived, accepted attitudes.

Read it all again, anon...