Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Have Started a New Bloggie

Wow, boy.
Fresh from being on my deathbed, I start an entirely new Weblog,

called "Leaders and Warriors of OUR LAND".

Can you guess the makeup of LaWoOL?  Kinda implies some militancy, some indignation, some indifference and arrogance, huh?

well welcome to What-I-Feel-World.
I will say that I'm sorry if you feel insulted or betrayed.  I only want the best for us all~ ~
But I can't well hide my racism anymore.
Response to the post I wrote called "No, That Wasn't Tonto in Pasadena" told me all
I needed to know, and what direction I needed to go.

So, I will instead direct and train it over there, and try keeping The Local Malcontent 
bloggie more 'vanilla' than LaWoOL.

Leaders and Warriors of Our Land = VANILLA WITH A GENEROUS HELPING OF CILANTRO, when it comes to things which affect us Indians~!

I hope you understand, and accept what I've chosen to do~.

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