Monday, February 3, 2014

"NO~!" to Same Sex 'Marriage'

Instead, let me suggest this formulation to make everybody happy:

In my experience, gay people like new and shiny things. 

Then they go get distracted by other stuff later.

Why don't the ruling RINOs in Washington instead float the trial balloon--

a bright, rainbow-colored balloon,
celebrating "COUPLAGE"?

It's new, it's innovative, it would be their word, their special place, alone, their Couplage.

Holy Couplage, well that might be a stretch for most, 
but if it gets the gays distracted from 'marriage' 
and stident gay rights demands, Why the heck not?

"Leti, this is my co-worker Roger, and his husband in Couplage, Mario.  Mario, Roger, this is my wife, Leticia."

"I'm Jillian, and I want to introduce my wife, Suzette. We were couplaged last May,"

Remember those shiny, aluminum Christmas trees? As acceptable as cut, verdant Green Christmas trees?
Like my suggestion, it is new and innovative, and best of all, it provides an excellent distraction
for homosexuals and for politicians and for lawyers, the best of all worlds, while they are all dreaming in their own, selfish minds.

I would like to hear your own, selfish mind's thoughts on this alternative to traditional marriage.


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

sorry, you'll have to think of another term. "couplage" would be offensive to bigamists, rapists, autoeroticists, nambla members, and other californicators.

i would suggest "sacrilege" for the state, and "co-sacrilegist" to replace "husband", "wife", "partner", "thrall", "ho", etc., but they'd probably be offended by that too.

"i don't know whether to laugh or vomit" - hank hill

Anonymous said...

An alternative to traditional marriage? Why not call it something that both describes the union perfectly and ought to appeal to the aesthetic of most of the activists demanding SSM?

"Living in sin."