Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oklahoma Governor Fallin,
Chairman of the Governors Association, Does Well

Risking Being Disciplined at Work

As a new employee of the state of Oklahoma in 2008, 
six years ago, I signed a paper not to engage in political activities (including blogging), intended to affect my state.
I agreed, and have been a good ol' boy since.

I must say nevertheless, how proud I am of Oklahoma's Governor Mary Fallin, who also is the Chairman of the National Governors Association.  Which association met with Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, and their Cabinet this weekend in Washington, D.C.

Governor Fallin is the first lady governor of Oklahoma, 
elected in 2010, four years ago.

I have been so happy to see the Governor's office and the Chiefs and leaders of the state's 42 Indian tribes work so effectively together in the strong, successful effort to bring greater opportunities to every part of Oklahoma.
And in so doing, making every part of the state economically more vibrant.

It was nice to see our Governor Fallin this morning on 
If you missed it, a clip of her appearance is here.

The tagline underneath the interview reads: 
"Presidential Pow-Wow".  
Thanks for the 'feather tip', FoxNews.
Governor Fallin mentions that Oklahoma is Number 2 in the nation in job growth since 2011.

And It Shows.  What Can I Not Say?


Anonymous said...

I was going to say it's unlikely anyone working for the state would get in trouble for praising the governor, but she's a (gas) Republican!!!

Okay, probably less of a problem in Soonerland, but...

Anonymous said...

We here in Georgia spell "gasp" with only three letters. Not always the same three.

The Local Malcontent said...

You crk me up, MGH~