Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Smoke Signals...
Addiction Means Dependency

A teenager addicted to marijuana, is dependent upon 
his dealer to keep him supplied.

Likewise, the drug dealer is dependent upon the teenager 
(let's call him JOE) for his livelihood and cash income.

Therefore, it is in the drug dealer's own best interests to keep Joe wanting his product, his weed, so dealer (let's call him 'Sleazeball') offers incentives such as more weed for the same price, a free joint or bong hits of a new variety which Sleazeball has gotten ahold of lately.
And more importantly, Sleazeball offers Joe more free weed, if Joe brings more potheads to Sleazeball for their supply.

So Sleazeball focuses his attention on the teenagers, 
-the other Joes out there- 
the ignorant, uninformed youth for his sales, his livelihood.

Joe is happy with that arrangement; because Joe gets high with Judy and Ben and he has some cousins in the next town who occasionally get high with him.
Who knows? Maybe Joe will meet more people who are addicted, like him, and help out his pot dealer, Sleazeball, to get more and better weed for them, and especially if Joe gets a 'special cut'.

Joe's addiction continues to grow, as the amount of weed it takes for him to achieve the same level of "high" as before, continues to grow.  Joe gets high more often too, since the pressures of reality that he perceives pressuring him, continues to grow.  

Joe's visits to Sleazeball's shabby house on the outskirts of town increase in number and frequency, since so many of Joe's buddies now need weed.

Sleazeball is suddenly in high demand, and he sees himself as an important person in the community, supplying a product to a growing populace.  It is not Sleazeball's concern, really,
that Joe and his friends/family are choosing to focus their attention on weed mostly, instead of facing reality, spending their scant dollars with him, rather than enriching their lives in some more permanent way. As Sleazeball's importance grows, Joe's home and homelife begin a downward spiral, as Joe's funds are directed to Sleazeball rather than to his car or his wardrobe.

In other words, Sleazeball doesn't give a shit about Joe and Joe's friends, as long as Joe keeps coming back to Sleazeball for his dope.

Joe can hit rock bottom and Sleazeball won't really care-- maybe Sleazeball will say sympathetic words of empty encouragement, but Sleazeball only wants what any parasite wants from it's host:

"Keep feeding me, no matter what."

And the worse it gets for Joe, the better it gets for Sleazeball, since it is his product which gives Joe his only escape from the reality trap.



Anonymous said...

And Big Media is the dealer's tout, constantly reminding the junkie how much he "needs" the product and why quitting would make his life a living hell.

It reminds me of a Pete Townshend lyric about "the cold lies of the pusher."

The Local Malcontent said...

I wrote this early in the day, with the intention of translating it into an identical relationship between the Americans who become dependent upon the Federal government (the addicted), and the Feds (the dealer);

but I forgot the exact method I'd wanted to do it...

Your point is well taken, and also true.

~say, did you just feel an earthquake, at 10:45 pm EST?

Anonymous said...

Didn't feel an earthquake, no. Heard about it almost immediately last night from my mother-in-law -- who learned about it on Facebook.

She has taken to her smartphone like a teenager.