Monday, February 3, 2014

The Seattle Seahawks

Wow, it would be so easy to headline this blog, "Sleepless In Seattle".
Let's see who all blogs that, taking the easy way out... lol

Won-43-8.  That's pretty special.
I'd never have thunk it, would never have bet it that way, but it's exactly like the St. Louis Cardinals' 11th WS win in 2012.  
B,u,t, I digress introvertedly. & apologize.  
just personally weird, in a weird way.

Seattle dominated Denver,
start to end.
The Broncos were never closer to Seattle, score wise, that they were only 12 seconds into the game, 2-0, before Denver's very first play, in fact.  
Then, Blowout City ensued.

And it WAS an amazing, unrelenting beat down 
of Denver Qb, Peyton Manning.

LOVINGLY lifted from the holy, sanctimonious Associated Press, 
via Barry Wilner, AP Pro Football writer: ((heart, heart))


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.  -- Waiting to get their hands on the Lombardi Trophy, the Seahawks were surrounded by security guards in orange jackets. It was the first time anyone in that color stopped them all night.

The Seahawks stayed true to their mantra to make each day a championship day. They made Super Bowl Sunday the best day of all with one of the greatest performances in an NFL title game - sparked by a defense that ranks among the best ever.

The Seahawks won their first Super Bowl crown by punishing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 43-8. That masterful defense, the NFL's stingiest, never let the five-time MVP get going, disarming the highest-scoring offense in league history.

"We've been relentless all season," quarterback Russell Wilson said. "Having that mentality of having a championship day every day. At the end of the day, you want to play your best football and that is what we did today."

Punctuating Seattle's dominance were a 69-yard interception return touchdown by linebacker Malcolm Smith to make it 22-0, and Percy Harvin's sensational 87-yard kickoff return to open the second half.

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