Friday, February 7, 2014

Zerobama Determined To Be a Distraction in Sochi

Controversial leader Barack Obama has does it again:  Put his foot into his gaping mouth...

In an interview with Bob Costas, Zerobama said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a "tough guy" schtick he uses to appeal to his native countrymen while on the world's stage.

Also, he said he chose not to attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in part because he didn’t want to distract from the competition.

This guy is such a natural liar, it is extraordinary. He's such a sociopath.

Americans have been pelted with characterizations of this smooth-talking guy for years which went something like, "he's so smart, he's bored", and "aloof", "above it all".  
His "schtick" is the self-same as he claims Vladimir Putin's to be.

One commenter at WeaselZippers quips "And Barry has a bored, spoiled punk, smart-ass poseur schtick". 

Umm, accurate and sad both.
Another there, wrote, "Didn't want to distract?!?!?! WTF??????


Nelson Mandella funeral? SELFIE!!!!
The Super Bowl? A PIC OF YOU.
The Queen of England? AUDIO OF YOU!!!!

You're the ONLY ONE IN YOUR WORLD you narcissistic piece of s***."

As for his second lie mentioned above, Zerobama loves being the center of attention, on any stage.  Look at the memorial in South Africa, where he showed-out like a little kid, until mommy Michelle reined him back in.
Michelle probably put her foot down on any trip to Sochi for either or both of them.

Never in my life have I experienced feeling more respect and regard for a Russian leader, or a British monarch, for that matter, than our own American leader.  
Come to think of it, no other national leader from anywhere in the world has my respect, either.

(Well, I CAN think of one I do like alot~!)

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