Monday, March 31, 2014

"Calm Down, Lady- Ya Just Get Outta Prison?"

Today there has been quite a bit of sardonic humor over some new, poor MSNBC host, whose  ratings this week fell to 708th place, and quite a distance behind a rerun on the Hallmark Channel of "The Golden Girls".

I am here to say, that it doesn't matter who the host is/was on MSNBC; for nearly any rerun of "The Golden Girls" would beat him/her on that 'Lean Forward, Then Fall', socialist cable channel.

Ahh, but that does bring back such a great memory....

It must have been 1991 or 1992.  I was home from either OU 
in Norman, or from the BIA in Albuquerque, 
visiting and staying at home with my mother.  
She had excused herself to go to the restroom down the hall past the kitchen of the house where she, my dad and I lived in Poteau, Okla., before that night's current episode of 
"The Golden Girls" came on.

So.   I'm sitting alone in the den, watching the show about old ladies, when this very scene happened:

When the clerk in this scene called for a 'price check of King George Extra Sensative' brand condoms, I broke out literally laughing at the top of my lungs, convulsing so my ribs hurt,
howling laughing so loud, and rolling on the floor,
my mother yelled from inside the bathroom, "What's wrong with you? What's so funny?"

Through gasps and genuine belly-laughter, I yelled to mom describing what the gals had just done 
as best as I could, what she'd missed. I WAS on the floor, too.

Until just now, I never heard the rest of this scene past where the late Rue McClanahan (a devoted Choctaw Native herself, BTW) gave her judgement speech over the drugstore's intercom.

Ahh, memories.
Someday, the boy will do that to his mom or to me, and likewise we won't understand then either.
Probably happens once or twice every generation, huh?


Mike said...

I worked at a liquor store when I went back to school some years ago; it was a "Mom and Pop" business and I enjoyed working for them. The old man started staying at home since I worked out so well and me 'n the old woman ran the store together for the afternoons and evenings.

They had a TV on top of one of the beer coolers across from the counter and it was on all day and night. I got to work one afternoon after I had first started and tried to do some things - make a good hand - while she was watching "Guiding Light" but I guess I was making too much noise and she patted the stool next to her at the counter and commanded "Sit down and watch my story with me!" So, I did. (I do NOT watch soaps; I got into General Hospital w/ my ex and got hooked, same w/ Guiding Light. Never again!)

She was also a fan of The Cosby Show; I had never watched it, but I bet I've seen every episode at least twice now, ditto for "The Golden Girls". I really didn't care all that much for Cosby, but was surprised at how good and well-written Girls was.

I'd have to go look it up to be sure, but I believe Betty White is the only surviving member of the four. I always thought Rue McClanahan was a darn good lookin' woman for her age and I sure didn't know she had grown up in Ardmore until I was reading about her after she had passed away.

The Local Malcontent said...

Yes, Betty White is the lone, living surviror or "the Golden Girls", how oddly enough.

She likely will live to be 1000 yrs. old~