Monday, March 24, 2014

Farewell to Winter, 2013-14

I am thankful for seeing spring time arrive.  This past winter was brutal nearly everywhere.

But I also give thanks for the dead of winter, a necessary part of the year, and a lesson to the wise about rejuvination, if not more.

It was winter time in New Mexico, 1992, when I fell in love with Johann S. Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3- Allegro.  I was a new hire there in Albuquerque's Bureau of Indian Affairs office, just a young nub from Oklahoma, still wet behind the ears and mostly a liberal Democrat~ haha.

I was driving to the Jemez Apache Tribal headquarters in Jemez Springs, New Mexico one December afternoon, when I had an epiphany of sorts, involving heavy snowfall and music.
Classical music and classical New Mexico snowfall.  

It. Changed. Me. Forever.
So much, that I stopped, watching the snowfall, listening to Bach, and wept. 
Called my mom in Oklahoma to tell her about what I was feeling.  So, so innocent in those days.

I felt swept up in God's love.

With the end of this winter season, I'd like to try here to re-create that moment, to share with you what I saw, felt and heard, which made me appreciate snowfall and the dead of winter so.

I have two YouTube videos embedded here.  Please play one for the music of Bach, and watch the second, lower one for the snowfall.  Listen to the top, watch the lower.
I think you will be blessed by this.

If you will, click play on the upper video, then immediately scroll down and click play on the lower video, staying there and watching it, listening to the upper one.... 
The timing I HOPE, is good.


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Mike said...

Wow, never would have believed you were "mostly" a liberal Democrat. I consider myself a conservative small "L" libertarian, probably one of those types that infuriate both most conservatives and liberals.

That was cool, the two vids, although I'll have to admit I'm not a fan of winter and especially snow. I hated having to drive through it to get to the rigs and then have to work 8-12 hours out in it, more if the relief crew didn't get there because of the snow. I probably wouldn't mind it so much if all I had to do would be to sit by the roaring fire staring out through my huge picture window and the winter wonderland outside, but now it just means trying to dress warmly in this drafty old house and worrying about the next month's gas bill. To each his/her own, though.

That was a great story about being moved by the music. Music has powers that many don't realize and pieces like that...well, I do think they're a gift from God via the composer.

That music reminds me of the old joke "If it ain't baroque, don't fix it." I love classical music, the only kind to which I can fall asleep. Well, there's The Moody Blues, but their music is backed by an orchestra, same w/ ELO.

I've been enjoying the music of 2 Cellos and really enjoyed their version of Thunderstruck, made me literally LOL. I've also recently discovered the Harp Twins, Camille and Kennerly who also cover all sorts of songs.