Saturday, March 29, 2014

From My Heart, This:

Hey, friends, I screwed up here, Thursday night.

I am good at that sometimes, just so you know~

I am sorry for 1) posting two videos showing Muslim activists murdering Christians.

I am sorry for 2) being so enraged, to post two videos showing Muslim activists,
in the first place.
I am sorry for being so enraged, that I let my emotions get the better part of me, here.
And for promising something I cannot keep, here for "30 days".

I've been drawn into the swamp where they live, and neither of us need, deserve that,

for WE are better than that, better than them.  
That Is What They Want:  Our Outrage. Our Fear.

I am sorry and I honestly apologize to you, if you saw, read a post which I've since pulled.

The differences between us, we civilized peoples, and them, ardent Muslims, is

wider than an ocean, that's true; but they believe in what they do, they believe their god tells them to do what they do, like we Christians revolt against abortion.  Or homo marriages.

They obey what they believe, as tragic and as as abominable 

as we all may think it to be~
Let's let God sort it out, in the end.

What I want to say here mostly, is that I Am Sorry to subject you to video-ed murder,

and zealous promises made.  Murders happen, in every society, in every situation,

But we Christians understand that We must undertake severe trials and tribulations for our superior beliefs and ... we were warned... what we might have to endure for our Christ.

((Funny) Christian apostles foretold Anti-Christ, in all his cloaks, while Islam, six Centurys later, insists that God changes His Mind from now and then))

WE are reminded by virtually every book of the HOLY Bible, that this life is merely a temporary, staging point-- that what we endure here cannot compare to what awaits us in Glory, in Jesus' company, on the other side.

And unlike the Muslim faith, we Christians can look forward to an eternity of celebration and peace with our most-loving FATHER GOD, embraced within a love which we can't comprehend at all.
The Muslims can only look forward to a paradise of sex, sex and more sex; there is no mention of fellowship at all with a creator. 

So 'Allah' must be just a pervert who simply peers in, 
while you're piledrivin' the 72 virgins or the little boys.
How sad, and how BASE.  How short-sighted of their god,
Allah, Satan.

I am constantly reminded of the Oldest book of the Bible, JOB.

Ol' Job had it sooo good, and then the world turned in on him.  His children were all killed, his crops withered and died, yet Job still loved God, despite questioning Him, his Father, about his devastation.
Just when we Jobs think that we have it sooo good, and the world is ours, is just when,
is exactly when we should drop to our knees and worship the most, praying, asking, besheeching God, "How can I serve you even more, Most Holy Father?"

And you know what?

God Almighty won't want, won't ask, won't demand that you go out and KILL his other creations, his other children.  That's illogical.  That implies a god who needs you, someone other than him, god, to do what he cannot.




Followers of an imperfect god is illogic heaped upon illogic.  It is Foolishness.

Poor Mohammad -- Once he boasted about being visited by the angel Gabriel, he could not back out, and had to come up with ever bigger, better, brighter boasts, 

in reality, all lies, lies built on lies, ultimately a mountain of lies~ 
which he and his countless zillions of followers cannot achieve, no matter what they do.

I just love it, when I read some Muslim bunch saying, "Allah willing, ....", and then when things go bad for them, don't recognize that there is no "Allah" who wills in their favor; 

or there is no Allah there at all.  

But.  But that doesn't stop Muslims from murder, in Allah's name.

It is the built-in inferiority complex, courtesy of an Allah-come-lately-god, who is sitting in their paradise, all pissed off and angry and vengeful.

If My Earthly Father were like that.., I'd hate him. 

But that's all they've got, thanks to their hatred of the rest of mankind.

Muslims Hate Their god, Allah, because of his perceived, reflected hatred toward them, yet they ARE REQUIRED to worship him, & his Hatred, or face alienation at best, and sanctioned murder at worst.
Does this sound familiar, anywhere, any time, at all to you? ? ?

Imagine thinking of your Eternal, Creator Father, who is a cranky, 
old, toothless, angry bitch, 
and you can finally understand Muslims.


Mike said...

I began a reply, then stopped. The main gist of my comment was to hope you didn't get your blog shuttered for some violation of Blogger's TOS.

The throat slitting video was as horrifying as anything I've seen online. Even the beheading videos I've watched before were grainy and out-of-focus but that vid was clear, up close and horrible. I'm no shrinking violet, either and I used to sometimes visit a few websites that specialized in similar photos/videos.

That said, people need to watch it, esp. those who insist that "most Muslims are not like that!" True, but why is it we don't see "most Muslims" denouncing these executions? Just after 9/11 I think I saw only a couple of Muslims on TV saying that.

I don't talk about religion much; it's the American way to believe how you can worship a rock, handle snakes and drink poison, pray to Mother Gaia and that's your right. BUT, when your church preaches the overthrow of America, exhorts its members to kill infidels, well, that's when I have a problem.

Anyway, glad you took the videos down if for nothing else than to protect your blog. I sometimes worry about my own when I say a relatively mild curse word; Blogger's been known to delete first, ask questions later and sometimes on a single complaint.

The Local Malcontent said...

I love you, Mike.
And I'm glad you are here~!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

To my "Choctaw Son", Please don't beat yourself up over the videos you posted. You see, unfortunately, too many young people in America today have been and are being brainwashed into believing that Islam is a religion of peace and love, while Christianity is being demonized. People NEED to see the TRUTH, no matter how horrendous.

The Local Malcontent said...

I will never be able to get a couple of those scenes out of my mind, that's what made me SO angry.

None of us Christians can afford to be that angry---
We can't descend to their level of depravity and animalism.

We must come up with a better way, or, or...
OR Revelations proceeds.