Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hate Monger Fred Phelps
Westboro Baptist Leader
Now Resides In Hell

Now all we need is for the rest of that rat-infested, incestuous family to follow their dad, the face of Hate.

Directions to Topeka, Kansas to celebrate Phelps' painful death
or to mourn his miserable existence while on this Earth:

The address of the Westboro Church is 3701 SW 12th street, Topeka, Kansas.

From Interstate 35, go to Exit 177, to merge onto I-470 W toward US-75/ Topeka/ Salina/ South Topeka Blvd.

Take exit 4 for Gage Blvd.

Turn right onto SW Gage Blvd.

Turn right onto SW Churchill Rd 
(destination will be on the left)

Westboro Batshit Church and Town dump.

note to daughter Shirley Phelps: I was one of the hundreds of people who slashed your tires when your bunch protested the funeral of Sgt. Jason McClusky 
in McAlester, Oklahoma.  
Proud of my actions too.



Mike said...

Yup, he's prob. in that extra-warm corner of Hell, at least I'd like to think that. I don't get too serious in my blog, but did write a couple of articles about him.

I didn't remember about that particular funeral; there's been far too many and way too many where the WBC protested. I am so conflicted about that; I'm a firm believer in free speech, yet there ARE limitations on it and to add misery on top of what has to be unbearable grief goes beyond the pale.

I checked out the link you left and noticed something very odd: the first comment was from someone saying he was gay and said he would have helped Phelps after the tires were slashed, then there was a reply to him praising his attitude, yet both of their avatars were the same. I'm thinking sock puppet...there's a lot of them on the Amarillo Globe News website articles and they're all from a few of the area libs. The style of writing is the same among several of them, same typos and misspellings and I also refuse to believe there's THAT many libs in the Panhandle. This part of N. Mexico, both Panhandles and west Oklahoma is among the most conservative in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

One less hate-spewing Democrat in Topeka.

The Local Malcontent said...

I looked at those comments below the Raw story too now, and see what you mean Mike; and suspect that the icon is a placeholder icon only, for those commentors who don't have an icon like you, McGehee or I have, here for example.

The number of progressives in the areas you describe, eastern NM, west Texas and the panhandles is a curiousity to me, too.
When this bloggie was young, I had a running argument with a Lib. professor at Panhandle State University of all places. He was a genuine nut, politically, but a good debater.

Mike said...

Oh, OK. I never thought of that, but after looking at the instructions on how to include Disqus in a website, saw where the webmaster has that ability and I guess that's what the site did...but I was wondering just who that was/is.

There's a few comments disparaging Oklahomans and that annoyed me, but I quit reading after the ubiquitous "teabagger" comment appeared. It infuriates me, but when I see it used against conservatives on a discussion about homosexual rights, it makes me SMH - slamming a group of people who are -for the most part- wrongly accused of being homophobic by using anti-gay slur.