Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Inspiring Words"

This post is inspired by an inspiring email which I received recently, and will hopefully live up to that standard.

Personally, I have a silly phrase, a sporadic speech, really,
I like to say on occasions when I get too much praise.  
It goes something like this:
"Yes, absolutely. ... Well, mostly. ... I'd like to believe-- ... Probably, ... Maybe yes, maybe no.  ... 
Uhh, I don't know, ...I may be wrong, ... Ok, my bad. ...
 I'm sorry that I said that. ... WOW."

That series also goes in reverse, when I'm proven to 
be right about something ... mostly
Somewhat. Occasionally. Every now and then.

--umm, Flattered by your OKC email, 
that's an iron clad certainty~

So here's where I say, join in~!!  There are some very solid, Conservative commenters here, who have web blogs listed in the Members of the LMC Pow-wow section in the margin... 
You will find many like-minded friends there.  Friends~!

Now, to the nexus at hand.  
The hand nexus of "Inspiring Words".

Morality.  This is the most important concept I embrace. Choosing what moral pathway you follow, extends to literally everything you do, in those nonchalant moments of your life.

Righteousness.  This word is so fundamental to me- I try to live up to the Golden Rule as given by Christ Jesus, as recorded in the Splendid 7th chapter of Matthew. (Matthew 7:12)
My favorite verses of the New Testament are Matthew 7:7-12, for the entire gist.
Jesus Own Words~!  And HE's our Father God~ ~ !

Don't Worry Be Happy.  A silly song from 1987-1988, 
by Bobby McFarrin, ElegantlySimply Brilliant. 
A Purely Cheerful, Happy Tune.  but Words to Live By.

Be Worried, Don't Happy  ((=the alternate universe Remix= this will mess you up=))

Remember People's Names.  As a child, 
I was told by my mentor, my beloved grandfather, 
that the sweetest music, the sweetest chords ever 
heard by anyone, was their own name remembered 
by you, an acquaintance.

Tradition.  What's gone on, what's worked so well, before, what's worked best for thousands of years, tried and true.  
It can't be improved upon, so stop wasting your damn time.

Forgiveness.  For all whom you know.

Love.  For all whom you know.

Charity.  Give whenever, wherever, whatever you can.
You will Bless someone unknown, anonymously, in His name.

Smile.   To Everyone. Even to your known enemies.

These are all the only Inspiring words which I can offer.
I invite Your other inspirational suggestions via Comments.

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Terry in OKC said...

Keep up the good work.... Hope to meet someday..