Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Mourning In America Again

Controversial leader Barry Zerobama has an annoying penchant for ordering people around.
He's Bossy, a term which Liberals are trying hard to demonize, just in time for Hillary to announce her bid in 2016.
(*but that's another blog post for another day)

Zerobama has disrespected the U.S. Constitution by continually choosing which laws to enforce, which to ignore; which laws to suspend, which laws to amend.  Likewise, he allows his administrations' various agencies to enact regulations like laws, without the action of Congress or the Court.

He has lied to us all.  He is disengaged.  
He is frightened.  He is an embarrassment. 

And he tells US states like Arizona and North Carolina that referendums within those states are illegal.  He just got through telling Russia's Vladimir Putin that Crimea's referendum will not be recognized by the U.S. or the UN.  
Like a dictator, he's warning another dictator not 
to act like a dictator. Hollow words.

I really admire Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for her defiance of Zero.  Other state leaders, too, including my own here in Oklahoma.  Wisconsin's too!
Zerobama needs to be challenged in the matter of his diktats to American citizens and states alike.  We all need to object to his speeches, all just worthless, failed Socialist gibberish.

If the mainstream media won't challenge him on TV or Cable, then we citizen journalists must.

Speaking of Crimea, was that not a "mandate", much like the American "mandate" of 2008 which Zerobama claimed as his to abuse?  If not, what's the difference?
The difference is that Zerobama is rebuffed by Crimea's,
he was shown how little a person he truly is.

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