Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not Only Is Senator Harry gReid a Liar,
He Is A Buffoon

Harry Reid (gReid) went to the Senate floor to denounce two Conservative brothers, Charles and David Koch, of trying to "buy America", for funding political advertisments, which feature real Americans who have had their health insurance cancelled, or radically increased, or coverage denied, or by which they lost their jobs, or are now working less than a full-time week..

Reid said "They are all liars".  The American citizens who are shown on this video and others,
as well as every story about how Obamacare has had harsh, detrimental effects upon our nation, well, this Senator calles Us liars.  

Yeah, it includes the Malcontent family of Yanush, Ok.  

Hello, I'm a damn liar for QUOTING here, from my latest Oklahoma state employee 
Insurance Coverage Plan:

"your Deductible:  $2000 person / $4000/family, In-network,
                           $2500 person / $5000/family, Out-of-network
                           Copayments do not apply to the deductible."

and something new I noticed, where it says "Is there an overall annual limit on what the plan pays?

According to my minimal math skills, (upon which I rely to perform my dang job),
my family's overall insurance costs have risen 400+% 
under the "Affordable Health Care" law, since last year.
The state's contribution to the Malcontent family's medical,vision and dental coverage is $744.22/month.

Honest Injun.

And while the Tampa Bay Tribune's "PolitiFact" hailed Zerobama's many claims that "if you like your plan, your doctor, your coverage, you can keep your plan, doctor, your coverage" 
as the LIE OF THE YEAR FOR 2013.

And while currently, 56% of Americans dislike, hate Obamacare, Senator gReid goes to the hallowed floor of the United States Senate to call me and all the others "liars".

Since I am such a congenital liar, and you cannot believe ONE WORD which comes from my mouth or from my fingers here, then I will say this too:
Senator Harry Reid, I will certainly celebrate the day when you are found guilty of fraud and conspiracy, and then again, when you are found dead, hanged and stabbed multiple times,
in your comfy prison cell, an obvious suicide.

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