Monday, March 3, 2014


Celebrate the Sailor Man today, his 80th birthday this month.

Happy Birthday, POPEYE~!  
Here`s to you, ~toot-toot~
And to delicious, cold, ready-to-eat 
canned spinach~!

NOTE:  As Popeye walks across the poopdeck, 
destroying US Naval property as he goes,
look at the various shapes of the doorways he passes... 
--somebody wuz stoned while making this official film,
OR, the Americans with Disabilities faction was light-years ahead of it's time--
((also, thanks for the calliope music at the beginning five seconds))

Popeye never married Miss Olive Oyl, curiously, after dating her 
for more than 17 years.

But most sadly, just two years after his retirement, 
Navy Veteran Popeye suffered from PTSD, Dementia, 
and from Dipteraphobia, the fear of House flies.
The US Veteran's Admin. only recommended more rest and less spinach for Popeye. They did nothing for his problems.

After single-handily defeating ALL America's enemies including Bluto, 
Popeye was imprisoned for life, guilty of Homeland terroristic actions, as shown in this next, tragic,
official documentary film from 1949.


Okie-Pirate said...

I love popeye, awesome post!!! Keep the classic's coming

Anonymous said...

The Local Malcontent said...

Thanks Pirate! Me too, I love Popeye.
Keep coming around here, because I have found heretofore
unseen film footage of Popeye's little sister, PopTart recently.