Monday, March 17, 2014

Petulant, Immature Child Leads US Into WWIII

The news of today- only today- is chilling:  This is now getting serious, and we are led by 
such a narcissist who is incapable of seeing the big picture, of where his poorly adopted decisions are likely to lead this country.

Obama has been insulted and he's pissed about it.  Shown up by Russia, and he can't stand it.

Except that it will be us, the American citizenry, who will have to pay for his careless folly, jabbing the bear with his little stick.

First, his Secretary of State draws another red line in the dirt, and dares Russia and Vladimir Putin to cross it; then on Sunday, Obama does NOT attend the National Security Council meeting held in the White House.  WHO IS LEADING THIS COUNTRY, ANYWAY?


We are in trouble, and there's not much we can do about it.  

And soon, when the United Nations takes over the Internet, with it's new restrictions on speech, and what you cannot say or write, the new media which has been the best tool for exposing such high crimes and misdemeanors, will be silenced.

Serfdom, slavery, misery are our future, thanks to our over-eagerness to prove what non-racists we Americans are by electing a complete fool to lead us.  twice.

Like the takeover of our individual healthcare, the government is about to take away such a degree of our freedom, we cannot imagine.  When the US dollar ceases to become the base currency of the world, we collectively will become a third world country with spiriling inflation.

On the doorstep of a nuclear war with Russia over NOTHING~ and China, who holds our debt.

The American Disaster is Barack Obama, and his band of Progressive Democrats.

America also needs to wake up and begin realizing that today's "Democratic" party is not the same Democrats of John Kennedy's time or his ilk:  They are closet communists, socialists.
This brand of politics needs must be totally rejected in every election held from now on.

I think that prayer is still stridently called for, prayer to our Heavenly Father for our country.

We need to ask His forgiveness, and Repent of our Humanist' ways, 
putting God back in charge, instead of the environment or worshiping mere men.

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