Friday, March 21, 2014

Recommended Weekend Reading

Drop by and meet a very brave blogger named Daniel, 
who runs "Venezuela News and Views".

He has a bird's eye view of the violent turbulence and the shortages happening right now in Maduro's dictatorship, Venezuela.  Daniel is a good guy, 
who sees clearly what is happening to his beloved country.

Like his post "What do we do next? From XXI century style dictatorship to traditional Gorilla one"
Frightening reading, and possibly prophetic... 

There used to be a stationary camera focused toward Altimira Plaza in Caracas, where one could witness the protests/retaliation here at UStream , but it is presently down; I don't know if Maduro has shut it down or not.

Try~! to have a good weekend; the family and I will be at the sanctuary.


gregor said...

greetings. i'm still alive and kicking, although my interest in blogging has waned, it's slowly being rekindled by every day that passes, knowing that the imposter in our White House will be gone one day sooner.
hope you've been well.

The Local Malcontent said...

Well LOOKIE THERE, Hello Gregor, old friend!! It's been too long. I hope you see this-
we sure hope that you and yours are well, warm and secure too, brother~! I look forward to reading your blog again, especially the "Saturday Goth Girl" feature. I uh, mean your keen insights. Both really, all.