Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Ridin In My Indian Car"

Man, I love Keith Secola for his lifetime's work in Indian Music~!
Coming home today from Tulsa and Tahlequah, Indian Terroritory, casinos (Nos. 6-10),
via Okla. Highway 62, between Fort Gibson and Tahlequah, 
I saw ahead of me the quintessestial Indian Car
as described in Keith Secola's great song.


Filled with people, like seven or eight, this grey, Nissan stationwagon (1984?) rolled down Hwy. 62 like a bus, swerving side to side within the lane.  I passed them on the right, and when I saw the occupants were fellow Natives like me, I signed to them "Halito", out my driver's window.
((Actually, "WTF?  Drive right!!"))

More 49ers. Going into town.  Well, they got into the mood, and began tailgaiting me towar.ds Tahlequah. ...
49's, ya gotta love em...

Indians here in Oklahoma DO NOT live within the confines of "reservations", except the Osage.
Rarily do any of us live within ANY CONFINES.  WHATSOEVER.
So, it is commonplace to see bands of wild Indians in compact cars now and then, everywhere.
No biggie, and usually no problems, when simply left alone.

But the idea of Keith Secola's "Indian Car" song just rang true in my ears all afternoon, then on.

Of the three of us, Dillon mostly drives an "Indian car".
Did I tell you that he (we) have already made a claim on his insurance, since 12/25/13?

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Terry in OKC said...

Listened to Indian Car and then another 1/2 hour on other Indian videos. Thanks much for this post and others...