Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The "Lucky" Ones

A little something personal, 
about Your Local Malcontent.

By my heritage as Chahta, and also my 
training/instructions by various levels of government,
I recognize a certain section of society, 
known as THE LUCKY ONES.

Those individuals, couples, families/trees, to
Those tribes of peoples, political bigwigs small to large,
to governments and legislators both.

i see lucky people

I once tried to categorize "lucky" people I knew,
counting the types of lucky I saw. No
Attitude? Gifts? Novice? Skills? Avarice?

i would call it "timing". It's all in the timing.

and since there isn't really any such thing like time to me, i see these lucky ones, small and great, succeed with timing their wagers, peering over the next horizon and forecasting their tack, then betting only what they can afford to lose,
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Anonymous said...

Yep. A while ago I wrote that luck is the combination of random chance and forethought. The random chance happens to everybody, but those who make themselves ready to avail of the opportunities it brings, are derided as merely "lucky."