Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"There Were Multiple Penalties On The Play..."

In case you haven't noticed, Dolphins fans like to cuss. If you don't believe me, read this. The F word ranks second only to the word "Dolphins." This FanPost is not for the faint of heart. If you are uneasy or trepidacious about cuss words, now would be the time to click away. Still with me? I thought so..I knew you like to cuss! :)
The NFL is proposing a 15-yard penalty for the use of the N-word. I understand the sentiment to eradicate racism and bigotry when it is presented. But taking away a word will not accomplish this goal. The NFL's endeavor is completely and utterly fruitless.
No. 63, offense, called No. 93 a "N-word".  Lkewise, No. 96 of the defense called No. 69 of the offense a "S-word,A-Hole-Word,- N-word".  After the play, No. 12 of the offense called No. 44 of the defense a double "B-word-N-word", and No. 44, Defense, retaliated by throwing his helmet, a personal foul."
"the fouls cancel, except for the last one, uh, which was the quarterback, ... , no I mean Number 49 defense being cited for wanting to swear, but didn't since he was so near the Umpire, penalized 65 yards and repeat 1st down"
Say whut?

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