Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When Ya Gotta Glow, You Gotta Glow

( – The National Science Foundation spent $82,525 on a one-year grant to study on the self-defense of bioluminescent millipedes.

“Animals use myriad strategies to avoid predation -- , camouflage, spines, toxins and election to Congress are among a few. Animals that are toxic, inedible, or otherwise noxious >>>
often advertise this by a warning signal, for example the yellow and black stripes of a yellow jacket wasp or the rattle of a snake,” the award abstract said.

“Bioluminescent millipedes, known only from California, are defended with cyanide and their green-blue glow (under black light) is hypothesized to be a nocturnal warning signal,” the award abstract added.

“In this project, the evolutionary relationships of millipedes will be analyzed, using molecular phylogenetic methods, to pinpoint the origin of bioluminescence, and the ecological circumstances under which bioluminescence evolved will be investigated,” it said.

$82,525.00? Consider that a bargain, compared to these outrageous
60 examples of Federal Government Waste~

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Mike said...

I once read if they just did away w/ the waste in the SS program, every person getting it would get an extra 300 bucks/month...and if they did away w/ the fraud, that number would jump up to $700.

I miss William Proxmire and his Golden Fleece Award about waste in govt. I also miss him because he was one of the last good Democrats.

Grew up listening to the Mills Bros.; my folks bought me a 2-track tape deck (have mentioned that before) and one of the tapes they bought along w/ it was the Mills Bros. w/ that song, "Cab Driver" and a couple others.