Monday, March 10, 2014

WITHOUT A Trace, It Simply Vanished

The missing Boeing 777 from Malaysian Airlines, flight #MH370 is a real mystery.

Sunday morning, local time, Malaysian Airlines flight carrying 239 souls lost contact with air traffic control and disappeared. The flight was heading to Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Associated Press reports that the flight lost contact somewhere over Vietnam, approximately one hour after departure at 12:29 am.

Problems with the reported facts so far:

The weather in the area where the jet was last reported was normal; so there are now troubling reports of at least two stolen passports used by passengers on that flight.

There was absolutely no radio message by the pilots, reporting any malfunction.

One the one hand, speculation centers on (at least) two passengers who used stolen passports:  Was it then terrorism?, did they detonate a bomb onboard, at 35,000 feet?
IFF that is what happened, I believe that there would be a wide scattering of debris on the ocean surface, similar to the bombed jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, or Pan-Am flight 800.
Some things float while others sink.

On the other hand, had there been some major malfunction,
I believe there would be both radio contact with Vietnamese flight controllers, as well as cell phone calls made by worried passengers, re. United flight 93 over Pennsylvania on 9/11.
Neither of these two types of communications happened, 
or have been yet reported.

And that to me is a key matter:  Why are there no cell phone calls, reporting any kind of trouble on the flight??

AND GET THIS:  The maximum depth of 
the Gulf of Thailand, where the search is happening, is ONLY 263 feet, with a mean depth of 148 feet.  Yeah, 263 feet deep, max.
Less than the distance between any two utility poles along any highway.

Likewise, in the Gulf of Thailand, there is a strong "Ekman Transport", meaning that there is a strong upwelling of water from the bottom to the top of the water, and whereas flotsam is moved away from a nearby coastline, 90 degrees from the prevalent wind direction. "south"
These facts are not being reported, 
but anyone can check this for himself.

Either way, there ought to 
be wreckage, right?

So we, the living, are left with a genuine mystery at this point. 
In my opinion, either way there should be a debris field, based on (A) the jet disintegrated at 35,000 feet, due to a terrorist' bomb blast; or (B) the jet dove straight down into the shallow sea at a high speed. 

As of late Monday, local time there, no evidence of anything except an oil slick.
And even that oil slick evidence has a problematic side.... 

The oil slicks are too long, given the very slow rate of water movement in that water body, when photographs were taken only hours later.

On the third hand, maybe this tragedy is the modern-day version of "Close Encounters Of The Forth Kind", i.e., abduction by ... . Just sayin'...

It's been nearly two days, with these pertinent facts 
like these I've mentioned here.
Remember the ABC-TV series, "Lost"?

What if there is NEVER any wreckage found? 
Never any body recovered?

Would the world be told that truth about an alien presence?
Would the world be told/shown a lie to assuage the pain of loss?
Will "terrorism" be blamed in order to tighten our freedoms even more?  I think this end result to be quite likely, given that the Chinese recently suffered their own "9/11" airport tragedy, combined with their vintage Communist control over Vietnam.

Would "aliens" ever be a viable possibility, unless millions see?

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