Thursday, March 27, 2014

Zerobama in Rome to Advise Pope Francis

I wonder if he will bow to the Pope too?  
Or expect a bow by the Pope?

The most senior American in the Vatican has hit out at controversial leader Barack Obama on the eve of his visit to Pope Francis, charging that Obama "appears to be a totally secularised man who aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policies". 

Obama is to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican today.

Speaking to the Catholic channel EWTN, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, said Obama’s policies “have become progressively more hostile toward Christian civilisation” and that the Catholic Church has become too “timid regarding its solemn duty to defend the truth in the public forum”.

Mr. Obama is expected to haul around 700 advisors with him to the Vatican, who will constantly update him on what to "spontaneously" respond, to His Holiness' greeting and comments.

Mr. Obama will explain how, in order to make the United States into a state of poverty, it is necessary to make everyone 
in the U.S. pay for abortions, and try as he's able to demon
-strate by his extraordinary education and superior intellect, 
he knows for sure that life begins at the moment of birth, and not any moment before.

Also on Obama's agenda, Global Warming, and how some mysterious "Creative Force" sometimes referred to as "God", could not have possibly anticipated that population would reach current levels, thus the need for administration by mankind, to correct all the mistakes for which this "Creative Force" is the cause.  

Mr. Obama will present Pope Francis with an mp3 player device with all his accumulated speeches pre-loaded, as well as an autographed, 8"x10" glossy photograph.

Pope Francis Meets Obama

I would love to learn that when this photo-op is over, some open microphone would catch the Pope declaring, "What an imbecile! Glad that's over with. Prepare my bath immediately."

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