Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zinger After Zinger Funny

OK, this IS a really funny bit.  Starring Barry Obama, 
and Talk Host, sidekick Zack Galifianakis,
the straight man, at "Between Two Ferns".

The graphics on this video are also just a scream, 
including introducing guest, 
"Barack Obama (SP?)
Community Organizer".  

Obama has some genuinely funny jabs in this: I fear (~!) that
he may have missed his calling as a great stand-up comedian.

I can't seem to embed the video here, but here is the website for 
"Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis"   http://funnyordie.com/m/8omu
Old fashioned, "Copy and Paste" simplicity.

Laugh (for a change) with Zerobama, former leader of the free world.  
It is funny.  Honestly.
"So, in two years, where will you build your library, in Hawaii or in your birthplace, Kenya?"
"You've said that you would not want your son to play football.
What if he was a nerd like you?"

But of course, he puts in a plug for ObamaCare, but even then, it is stoopid-funny.

Watch for the moments when Zerobama hits the Red "reset" Button sitting 
innocently on the coffee table.  And what happens then.  
And what Zach says.  In fact, pay close attention to all Zach's words, comments.

Yeah, maybe just a Liberal spin job to pull in the pot-smoking, web-serfing ne'er-do-wells, into signing away their freedom at the government health care website, yeah--- but ... funny.

It's such a strange feeling for me, because at the end, 
I want to like the guy for his schtick.

hat tip: The Right Scoop (dot) Com.

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