Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Call it Sodium Thiopental, for short... 
and for the purpose of this post.
Otherwise, it is Sodium Pentathol, 
"truth serum". 

Call it 'in short supply'.  

Call it an ideal, massive, capitalistic opportunity 
in the next two years.
A million+ dollar idea.

Sodium Thiopental is the first drug which is typically injected into a death-row inmate, 
during execution.  It is a rapid onset, short acting barbiturate- general anesthesia.  

And since 2010, nobody has the balls to manufacture it, in the United States.
As a result, death row inmates are backing up in the several states which allow such types of soft, humane executions.


The only American manufacturer of Sodium Thiopental, Hospira, Inc.,  objects to it's drug's usage by States in lethal injection-cocktails.  So, they decided to cease the drugs' manufacture four years ago, in 2010,

(Hospira, INC., of Lake Forest, Illionis on the NYSE, @ HSP)

This public corporation has a conscious, as does HobbyLobby, Inc., which is a privately held corporation.  Hobby Lobby's conscious has decided not to pay for abortion subsidies for its' employees health care, and is standing up for unborn children before the U.S. Supreme Court.

But all that aside, let's get back to the multi-million-dollar opportunity to manufacture 
sodium thiopental:  

When both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate turns red this fall, 
it should encourage, emphatically, the production of Sodium Thiopental.

Any Indian Tribes interested in making several millions of dollars per year, making this stuff?

I would hate to see it going to some uncertain, Central American country for manufacture, who could use several millions of dollars in income per year....

The Up Side?

It's lethal injection usage is not only universally considered "humane" on those people who have 
taken another's life, universally NOT considered "humane". 

And, 746 out of 748 executed murderers, since 1974, 
have no negative remarks whatsoever,to say about useage of
Sodium Thiopental.

It would NOT need to be paid for by U.S. taxpayers, 
unlike ObamaCare's abortion fees.

Kill killers, not Babies.

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