Monday, April 7, 2014

Capitalistic, Million-Dollar Idea #2-a

I am trying my hardest to keep calm, writing this; but fair warning, that may not last~

The Super stars of Race Baiting, the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are tax-cheating millionaires thanks to their discovery of this one weird trick (as that obnoxious online advert goes).

GUILT pays.  Handsomely.  As so many in America these days, are finding out.

Jesse Jackson is only a hired shill for Racism, whether it exists in whatever situation he's called in to protest, Or Not.  
If Jackson's there, emphasis will be multiplied by the media, 
that 'whatever' situation is just that: racial.
And to a lesser, though more voluminous, degree, Al Sharpton and his megaphonic minstrels will travel and show up, FOR A SET, PREPAID PRICE, and denounce their enemy du Jour for you.

Google it- the evidence is there for these two Race-baiters 
For Hire.  
Among others, like Houston, Texas' Quanelle X.  There are probably other lesser wannabes, too.  

Racism makes Money, let's face it.  Guilt still makes white people open up their checkbooks.
"Jesus Christ, you say Al Sharpton is coming into town~!?, Let's settle, right now."

White people are now catching on to the Race/Guilt money bonanza, by hosting and promoting
"White Privilege Seminars".  White Privilege Seminars where your Green loot is exchanged for assuaging your tiniest embarrassment for being born the race you are.

"Damn you, Daddy and Mommy, for conceiving me, 
white me, having to shoulder all this built-up White guilt."

How much?  How much to rid one's mind of this guilt-- 
$250, $500 for a week-end session at Hilton Head?" +9 holes/day
SOLD.  "American Express will do nicely, thank you".

That is the million dollar idea, friends.  Host a "I Am So Sorry That I Am White" gathering, and
rake in the dough.  IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, 

(lovingLy lifted from my nOn-white, guiltLess brother)

As a black man, I long to experience white privilege.
Until the National White Privilege Conference came along, I thought I was getting as
much privilege as any white man. Apparently not.
I’m told by my white friends that because of white privilege, orange juice is both more orangey and more juicy for white folks. Even when offered a taste of theirs, orange juice still tastes like orange juice to me.

Here I thought guilty white Liberals and ignorant black Liberals were making this up, but who knew God just made white people better!

White Privilege Seminars Means MONEY, fool.
Especially if you can set up a gig in Sedona, Arizona or Austin or Seattle. But anywhere could become a 'white hot' spot,
no pun intended,
"of course".

Women of every race feel the guilt most, so play to them first; then second to metro-sexual men,
then last to Libtards who will save up their allowances in order to pay you to attend your
racially-emasculating 2-day-workshop of guilt and shame and self hatred.  It's Only Money....

That Is Idea Number 2-a.
Number 2-b is a money maker, directed at Whites who are ashamed for driving us Natives off of all this continent, especially Manhattan island, into teeny-tiny Reservations, or teeny-tiny Oklahomas.

~~ paragraphs deleted~~

A Money maker, guaranteed, friends.  Go out and rent yourselves a hall today~
Charge your participants for each "I'm Sorry" seminar like $175 or 250, and Roll!!!
courtesy, your friend, the LMC.
Options 2-c through 2-p.d

I'm sorry I'm not fat.
I'm sorry I'm not short.
I'm sorry I'm not stupid.
I'm sorry I'm not ugly.
I'm sorry I'm not bald.
I'm sorry I'm rich.
I'm sorry I'm well endowed.
I'm sorry I'm humorous/witty.
I'm sorry I'm an intellect.
I'm sorry I'm a good cook.
I'm sorry I'm not colorblind.
I'm sorry I'm not a mens' room toe-tapper.
I'm sorry I'm not a germaphobe.
I'm sorry I'm not a cry baby.
I'm sorry I'm a voyeur.
I'm sorry I'm a vegetarian.
I'm sorry I'm not a Muslim.
I'm sorry I'm a Postal Worker.
I'm sorry I'm a kitty-cat lover.
I'm sorry I'm a Yankees' fan.
I'm sorry I'm a manicure lover.
I'm sorry I'm a Hillary supporter.
I'm sorry because I got a better parking place.
I'm sorry I'm Southern.
I'm sorry I'm Conservative.
I'm sorry I'm different in some meager way from you.

It's ALL Good Money, as my friend Goodwin used to say~

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