Thursday, April 10, 2014

for six straight eternities now, ive googled such things as "revenge",
"hurt feelings", "devastation"
finding no comfort, no comforting results, no solace
~joplin's music sounds so hollow and tinny to me, matter of fact

~my wife and i have been struck by lightning

we both been away from work all this week,
at home, weeping, feeling sorry for ourselves,
i guess you might say,
the world's weight on top of us

our adopted son's decided instead to live with
his birth mother in sulphur springs, texas
Dillon's Gone

emptiness, grief- like ive never known existed

as i've said elsewhere, my other blog, i will never, ever be the same
leticia feels even worse than me,
and i cannot help her

dammit son, your bedroom's emptied out
all of a sudden, it's bereft like my soul,

and all we do is Cry, Constantly


Cathy Monroe said...

I am so sorry. I can only hope he changes his mind and comes back to you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a boy can't fully understand what he has with the family that loves him, until he leaves it. I think he will be back.

Jeffro said...

Oh my. I hope he changes his mind. I'm so sorry.....

The Local Malcontent said...

We're beyond devestated, beyond miserable, Leticia and me.
honestly don't know where to, what to turn to, but God.