Friday, April 4, 2014

"Help Wanted: Late Night Comedian"

Help Wanted:  Cranky old comedian, with obtuse sense of humor wanted for one-hour-long interview show, late at night, four or five nights per week.  Must be only mildly funny, and exclusively so to (Northeast U.S.) Democrats; Must be politically correct, in both word and deed, both while on-air, and off.  
Crusty, cynical, one-trick ponies, and/or useless has-beens
from Liberal government Administrations encouraged to apply, especially if you have a far-out-looking, sycophant sidekick bandleader, to:
Leslie Moonves, Columbia Broadcasting System, NYC.

David Letterman announced last night, April 3rd, that he intends to retire from CBS' "Late Night with David Letterman" show sometime in 2015, at age 67+.

Letterman has had such an unusual career in that late night format, that it may be harder to replace him than it was for 
NBC replacing Johnny.  Or even Jay.

Letterman ceased to be funny to most of America around 18+ years ago, in 1996.  Since then, he's only been a 'dead man squawking'.  Both his show, his monologue and all his skits became so tiresome, predictable, only minimally humorous 
and unashamedly bitter. 

So long Dave~!  Remember to keep to yourself 
there in Connecticut and Montana.... 
(cause lots of us 'crazies' also have guns)


Mike said...

"Cranky old comedian..."

Nailed it, although the "comedian" part would be stretching it. I was listening to sports talk radio yesterday and since the station is part of the CBS network, they had announced the Letterman statement and were gushing on about how good he was and how he'll be missed.

I dunno; it's like a funeral of an old despised S.O.B., yet everyone refuses to say anything bad about him now that he's dead.

I'll admit to once being a big fan; it was after I had first started drilling the evening tour and I'd get up early to catch his morning talk show, then he was moved to the spot right behind Carson and then I'd hurry home to watch as much of his show as I could. His wacky humor and zany skits were good...then.

Then, he didn't get The Tonight Show and I honestly think that unhinged him. He became rude to many of his guests, hateful about his politics and a lot less funny. I honestly do not mind comics poking fun at politicians, even the ones I like and vote for, but it cannot be nearly all comics are these days. Obama is a treasure trove of parody and ridicule, yet he's very seldom the butt of jokes. Oh well, both he and Letterman will be gone in a couple of yrs.

Anonymous said...

Letterman? I remember seeing a guy by that name in a TV movie back in the late '70s, playing a comedian who was funnier than the host of the late-night talk show he was guesting on. The host got pissed off, but by the end of the movie Letterman's character was the host.

Maybe that's why Leno got the Tonight Show gig.