Sunday, April 6, 2014

but it's no big deal~

(Reuters) - Earthquakes rattled residents in Oklahoma on Saturday, the latest in a series that have put the state on track for record quake activity this year, which some seismologists say may be tied to oil and gas exploration.

OK, name one seismologist specifically, who says that, Miss Reuters--
Aha, you can't.  AlGore isn't a seismologist,--except in his dreams, where 1972-Hillary is his assistant, wearing a tight, leopard-skin leotard, and they get caught in a cold, stalled elevator car, due to climate change, and their cellphones won't work and....

One earthquake recorded at 3.8 magnitude by the U.S. Geological Survey rocked houses in several communities around central Oklahoma at 7:42 a.m. local time. Another about two hours earlier in the same part of the state, north of Oklahoma City, was recorded at 2.9 magnitude, USGS said.

A 3.8 at that depth (USGS: 2 kM) 
DOES NOT 'ROCK HOUSES', Miss Rooter; get real.
Shoot, it might have been a bunch
rowdy Pawnees, 49'in, late into the night...
(we all know how they can be, late at night~)
That's the opinion of "This Local Seismologist".


Those two were preceded by two more, at 2.6 magnitude, and 2.5 magnitude, that also rolled the landscape in central Oklahoma early Saturday morning. A 3.0 magnitude tremor struck late Friday night in that area as well, following a 3.4 magnitude hit Friday afternoon.

"I Love Rock-n-Roll, Put Another Song In The Jukebox Baby"
Sounds like there was a pow-wow in the 'hood, again.

Enough, already!!

Reuters, come here and find one single Okie, or
an Okie family who is complaining about these VERY MINOR QUAKES.  You won't, because you can't.  Try it, in say Stillwater or Okarche, or Choctaw, or in Shawnee 
(and good luck, princess).

You see, we Okies are made of Far harder stuff than Californians, who themselves quake, and piss whenever there's a 3.0 minor earthquake, because to them, fear of the future is a valid concern, fear of the "big one" earthquake is always being threatened to be just around a corner. The TV tells them so, so it musbe true.



Let's talk 'bout TERRORISM, 
About real terror.

not some little vibration in the flower garden, 
or making auntie's souvenir tea cups sway.

Ask about an immanent Tornado Warning,
or better yet, Ask Citizens of Moore, Ok., Joplin, or Tuscaloosa, Alabam, which threat 
a tornado or earthquake, they dread the most.

Or ANY resident of Texas, Kansas, Nebraska (where I once saw the biggest tornado ever-), Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa -- "Tornado in your town, or Earthquake in your town?"  All would choose the earthquake.

Miss Reuters, your panties are damp, must be another United Nations sign, the sky is falling, so pay up.


Mike said...

Yessir, I vote for the earthquake. I've been smack-dab in the middle of a half-dozen tornadoes and while I'm sure earthquakes *can* be terrifying if strong enough, I simply can't imagine a minor tremble could equate to the underwear-staining fear of a twister coming your way.

I've been tilting at windmills on Facebook after each time a news page reports on another earthquake. I saw a good term for all the people blaming this seismic activity on hydraulic fracturing: "frack quacks". Appropriate.

One woman said it was Mother Earth, rebelling against man raping her ("her", never "it", a Gaia devotee, I'm sure) and others just say "Fracking". Fracking is right, they're fracking idiots. I've tried to explain basic geology to them, but they're the types to just chew the covers off the books, not read 'em.

Now, I'm not saying high pressure injection wells might not have something to do with it (although the jury is still out and correlation does not equal causation), but I'm just trying to get people out of the 'Fracking!" blame game.

I've seen people say "Watch "Gasland", it will tell you the truth and open your eyes to the horrors that oil and gas companies inflict upon us!" -sigh- I tell them that people who get their "facts" about hydraulic fracturing from pseudo-documentaries such as "Gasland" are the same ones who got their "facts" about climate change from "An Inconvenient Truth", their "facts" about the Kennedy assassination from "JFK" and their "facts" about the Vietnam War from "Apocalypse Now".

Plus, I think if hydraulic fracturing were shortened to something else other than "Fracking", like "Hyfra" or ANYTHING else than that, it wouldn't seem so scary to people who otherwise know absolutely nothing about the process. IOW, they're really afraid of hard consonants.

We've been using hydraulic fracturing since the late 40's on millions and millions of wells and there have been - as far as I can tell - only a handful of incidents where it either caused a minor quake or the fluid migrated to a water zone. In the latter cases, the idiots doing the procedure should have known better than to do it so close to the water table and in a shallow fault zone. (in Pennsylvania)

People blame greed for "fracking ruining the environment". B.S. If you want greed, then look at the other side of the coin (or under the rock, actually) I call it the "Al" link: Al Gore, Al Jazeera, Al-Qaeda. I'm not conspiratorial by any means, but you just have to follow the money to see how American becoming energy independent is exactly what those three do NOT want.

It'd take a long time to explain it, though and I'd have to use as many one-syllable words in order for the "fracking idiots" to understand, so I have quit trying.

Mike said...

Quite a few grammatical errors in my post, banged it out so quickly, sorry. I get worked up on this subject more than most any other.

The Local Malcontent said...

Heh, it should be me apologizing to you and others, for the way I get worked up over the same subject...
Honestly- the idea of a handful of tiny earthquakes even BEING news--

Except for the hidden benefit, that maybe living in 'tornado alley' keeps so many people from moving into Oklahoma or the Texas panhandle, northwest Texas, that is.