Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The All Time, Greatest Theme Songs
from American TV

This post was inspired by a discussion yesterday 
afternoon that we had at One Fire Casino, 
in Okmulgee, Ok.  
Namely, what are the very best, most memorable 
TV show theme songs?

There were compelling arguments for the four tunes, which the vault manager, the casino MOD, a secretary and myself offered up:  Our choices, in no particular order,were "I Love Lucy
(ok, me first), "Peter Gunn", "Seinfeld", and "The Beverly Hillbillies".

(*this feels like a "Top of Texas Gazette" blogpost, all of a sudden....) LOL, HI Mike!!

It sent me searching last night, for "top TV theme songs", 
and I found this list of 60, from last year:

#1.  Cheers.  Of course, why didn't I think of that~??
#2.  The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  (never liked Mary's show)
#3,  Hawaii 5-0.
#4.  M*A*S*H*.
#5  Friends.  (I never watched it)

Here is the entire list.  

Of our four choices yesterday, "The Beverly Hillbillies" comes in at #6.  
... an' Granny's mad as a wet hen about that, too~.
OK, I am highlighting below, NUMBER ONE~1.  
(I only began to appreciate "Cheers", after it went into reruns)

How about some home-made Sourdough pretzels with 
yeh beer theye, Normie?

Now.  That Song was titled "Those Were the Days",
by Archie and Edith Bunker.
But, were they really??
{Archie IS Right, singing, we "didn't need no welfare state,"}

I found another, much older song with a similar title which many older readers will instantly remember, along with us "Thirtiophiles" like myself.  

This next theme is titled simply, "Good Old Days"

I love being some eighty-plus years older than my true age~!

Want to know what it was, that I attribute that to?  

When I was very young, maybe 5, maybe 6 years old,
the local radio station KLCO in Poteau, Ok. played "Lum And Abner" serials every night right at supper time, and whether I was at home, or at my grand parents', we listened in as we ate, to 
"what was happening at the Jot Em Down Store down in Pine Ridge," nightly.  

And I got hooked on old time radio, old time TV, 
Cardinal baseball on KMOX, and old timey music.
Hooked, and still believe that nothing produced today even begins to compare to the spender, style and the grace of yesteryear.

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Mike said...

Yes, it DOES sound like something I would post. In fact, I have Notepad documents full of "Best of" and "Top 10" (or 25 or 100) rock songs, movies (diff. genres or all-inclusive) and other things that can be ranked...and argued over.

I was just discussing w/ a friend on her Facebook wall about how some people get so insulted when you don't like something they adore...and that's when the inane arguments and insults begin. The first time I was ever slammed on the 'net was when I innocently stated I didn't care for pineapple. (I'm a little allergic to it and kiwi) Anyway....

I'd have to think on it a while, but I'm sure my favorite theme songs would correlate to my favorite TV shows. I don't remember Peter Gunn, being a little too young when it aired on TV, but I love that theme. I also like The Beverly Hillbillies theme, Cheers and Seinfeld. (and Seinfeld's last episode is on many worst last episodes lists) I don't remember why, but I seldom watched All in the Family when it was on and not all that much in reruns. A theme song I like now which is a parody of that show is the one from Family Guy. Love or hate the show, its cringe-worthy moments aside, it's funny. (and not a completely conservative-bashing one, no matter what has been said)

I never really cared for Mary Tyler Moore, either and I've seen exactly two entire episodes of Friends and they happen to be the same one (the one where they got rid of the monkey b/c it was humping legs) Not sure why that is, but it just worked out that way. I know people who love it, but I just never got into it.

Never watched Hawaii 5-0, either. I've seen every MASH episode several times and it was a series that got way too preachy in its later years and not nearly as funny as it was at first. Not sure when it jumped the shark, but it definitely did. I've also seen every episode of Cheers and Seinfeld. I remember watching the first Seinfeld and thinking it wouldn't last very long but the writing did get better and the characters, despicable as they were, got funnier.

I didn't watch Northern Exposure when it was on prime time but discovered it in reruns and fell in love w/ the show. It's got a great theme.

One of the reasons I didn't watch many of the shows on that list you linked to was because I often worked evenings or nights on the rigs. I missed them on the evening shift and there wasn't a show good enough to make me get up at four in the morning (relatively speaking) to watch.

Rambled on, sorry.