Tuesday, April 15, 2014

well, I made the announcement in the first place, here,
I suppose that I owe you a follow up, here.

After more than 2 weeks, our adopted son sent a hand written 'note' to us by way of his mothers' cousin saying he wanted to give support to his birth mom, in her efforts to get her life back on track.
Our adopted son has chosen to live with his birth mother, in northeast Texas,
where she lives with her new husband.

after years of booze, drugs and lovers, within the boy's lifetime.

We've been informed that his birth mom has been clean for more than a year, now holds a job, attends NA meetings, and has married her boyfriend Michael after all, and has established
a history of 'clean living' in Texas.

We're dubious of all that, Leti and me.

The state of Oklahoma law permits minor children who've reached the age of 14,
to choose which parent he/she wants to live with.

Leticia and I have yet to actually speak with the boy, which we're insisting upon.
We would simply like to hear his decision from his lips, that's all.
My wife and I are still stunned shock and we're both miserable.

Why it seems like a war now, I've no idea.
None of us are 'enemies', we're not allies either, but for his sake, why not agree -- ?

We've decided to insulate ourselves, you understand, from more unbearable pain,
yet conditional, should our son change his mind; I've signed over his truck's title, notified our insurance carrier, closed his/my joint savings.
His school principle told me to my face Monday, yesterday, that so far, no other school
district anywhere as asked for his academic record be forwarded yet.

Matters of the world, matters of the U.S. do not interest me right now. at all.
We're two ghosts only going through the motions of life and little more.


Anonymous said...

Did he go of his own free will?

The Local Malcontent said...

It seems that he did, based on what his birth mom promised him.

His words to me, through his cousin, were essentially, 'mom has made the decision to heal her life, and I want to support her'.

He and I have yet to speak again personally, since April 1st.

Jeffro said...

I'd be skeptical as well.

The Local Malcontent said...

this has been the Longest month of my life.